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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends July - August 2005


Posted: November 23, 2005

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Anti-Semitism is widespread throughout the Arab and Muslim world, manifested in many segments of society. The following report is a compilation of selected anti-Semitic expressions in the Arab and Muslim world in July-August 2005.

Al-Ittihad, August 5, 2005 (UAE)
Israel is feeding the "terror"

The 15th of August marked an historical step in the history of the State of Israel, as Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip and the North of Samaria and removed its settlements from those areas. The operation was widely covered in the Arab press, through articles and cartoons. The operation reopened the debate about the fence and the peace process. The Arab media continued to condemn the fence, as it carefully published articles hinting on the opportunity to advance the peace process. It is worth noting Egypt's Al-Ahram, which exceptionally published an article by Israeli Ambassador, Shalom Cohen, entitled: "The Disengagement from Gaza an Historical Opportunity to Push the Peace Process". The Ambassador is explaining that the decision to withdraw from Gaza was difficult, but Israel was ready to take risks in order to achieve peace. The fact that Al-Ahram published an article by a senior Israeli diplomat, the first time since the establishment of relationships between Israel and Egypt, in addition to the decrease of quantity and quality of anti-Semitic expressions in the Egyptian media. Talking about the change in the Egyptian media, we have to recall that Egypt is busy with internal issues such as the upcoming elections and the terror attacks in Sinai. Thus, incitement is marginal in relation to other issues. We hope that any change in the circumstances will not change the improved attitude in the Egyptian media.

All material in this compilation was translated by ADL from the original Arabic or is otherwise from English language sources in the Middle East.

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