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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends March - April 2005


Posted: May 26, 2005

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Blood Libel


  • "…They are the ones who are demanding of us to change our skins and identity and culture. They are demanding of us to change our ways and some of our teachings because they incite for violence and hating the other. Yet we in our turn demand of them the same: we want them to view their fundamentalist teachings in rejecting the other, in degrading him and even liquidating him. We have much of the body of their teachings, their beliefs and statements of the radicals and extremists among them that urge to eliminate the other and even to slaughter him and drink his blood in the flattened breads of Zion

The most hateful people towards Islam –[1] either they are the ones who most understand Islam's role, capabilities and ability to free the nations and to protect man's freedom and respect, and do not want this…"[2]


Dr. Muhammad Hasan al-Hafnawi, "The Predicament of Self Defense", al-Ahram, March 21, 2005


America and Israel


  • "…The reality which can be observed now is that despite President Bush's personal interest in reaching a solution to the Palestinian problem because of the personal historical glory that will reflect on him, nevertheless the pressures pursued by the Zionist lobby are still stronger than the President's will…"

Ambassador 'Amru Abd al-Latif Hashim, "Bush's Position Towards the Palestinian Problem", al-Ahram, April 23, 2005


  • "…For whose interest does (America) do all this? Definitely, (America) is blind and does not see anything except what the black snake dictates to it! The black snake that wants to uproot the roots of peace from the face of the earth. There is no place but for it; don't you know who it is? It talks Hebrew and has killed a messiah, disbelieved the truthful one, betrayed the trustworthy one and fought the prophets –[3] they are the family of Zion…"

'Imad Muhammad Fathi, "The Conspiracy Forecasted by al-Ahram al-'Arabi", al-Ahram al-'Arabi, April 16, 2005


  • "…Many observers believe that the American position which rejects the nomination of Dr. al-Baradei is the result of pressures from the groups of the Jewish lobby which is supportive of Israel…"

Mustafa Abdullah, "Bush's Admission That No Weapons of Mass Destruction Exist in Iraq Asserted that al-Baradei Was Right", al-Ahram, April 12, 2005


  • "…Israel reminds the Americans of their first days, when they established their strong country after destroying the heritage of its people, the American Indians. The leaders of Israel even depend upon this similarity and see it as the hidden secret behind Washington's complete support of them in establishing Israel on the parts and bodies and lands of the Palestinian people, who have suffered all the forms of killing and persecution and discrimination in order to establish their independent state. The leaders of Israel commit the ugliest crimes of annihilation against them, as if the Palestinians are the American Indians. This similarity has become clear in the American support of Israel, which is still the common denominator between all the presidents of America… There are many similar factors between America and Israel not mentioned by Bush, among them for example: pursuing the policy of hegemony, as America strives to impose its hegemony over the world, and Israel too strives to achieve regional hegemony. The two countries also use the most lethal weapons of war and annihilation in implementing their basic goals, as they are both the only imperialistic countries in the 21st century… Sharon has kidnapped Bush, him being the American sponsor for peace, and imposed on him his decisions and will…"

Farahat Hussam ad-Din, "The Two Who Resemble Each other!", al-Ahram, April 12, 2005


  • "America and Israel are famous for pursuing spying operations more than any other country in the world, with much expansion and on the global level, in order to serve their interests. They use for this all the instruments in the land, sea and air and legitimate and illegitimate means. It is no secret that the spying operations are performed through the embassies, research centers, companies that deal with tourism, air flight, oil search and foreign commerce, and the import and export companies. It is no secret that the spying is not limited to the military aspects alone but has been expanded to include all the aspects of political, social and economical life… The coordination, the planning and the close connection were tight between the American role and the Israeli role in the cultural, social and scientific penetration into the Egyptian society… The previous experiences have proven that the United States and Israel are two sides of the same coin…"

Dina Tawfiq, "The Alliance of Spies: the Embassies of America and Israel – Dens of Espionage", al-Wafd, April 7, 2005


  • "…The strategic specialists have agreed that the American-Zionist plan remained hidden in its melting pot, in order to move whenever the opportunity for it is given… The strategic plan drawn by the United States of America after the September 11th events, which strives in its content to turn the Arab nation into the big Middle East area… when this is achieved, then the two allies, America and Israel, will stand shoulder to shoulder in order to control the fates of the Arab nation…"

Wala' Ni'matallah, "Arab Spies Under Demand", al-Wafd, April 7, 2005


  • "No one can hardly argue that the American bragging has gone beyond the bounds and exceeded all the restrictions, concerning the support for Israel and the protection of global Zionism. This became clear in the American law called 'The Anti-Semitism Law', which was issued in the context of the policy of hegemony and bragging pursued by America in the first place against the countries of the world, and then the Zionist pressure groups which have succeeded in passing this law which protects the Zionist terror, imposes a restriction on the mere thought of criticizing Israel and bestows legitimacy upon the racist terrorist Zionist movement, which has caused the killing of tens of thousands from among the sons of occupied Palestine, and has pursued quarrelsomeness, devastation and sabotaging in many areas of the world. Thus, anyone who criticizes the Zionist policy today, finds fault with the Jewish self and opposes the terror and quarrelsomeness pursued by the Jewish self – is in the eyes of this American law anti-Semitic… (The law) opposed all the actions of violence and legitimate resistance that occurred against the Jews and Jewish interests in all the countries of the world…"

Ahmad Abu Zayd, "America Protects Semitism or Zionism and the Jewish Terror?", al-Wafd, April 6, 2005


  • "…So what is the meaning of Syria and before that Iraq, we being the victim of the new tiger which carries out the orders of the Israeli rat? … It has become clear that America or Israel are the ones who brought about intentionally (Rafiq) al-Hariri's situation, in order to find a justification for al-Hariri's incident and take out the Syrian forces from LebanonAmerica and Israel are besieging Hizballah in the middle, in order to crush it so Israel will remain an American base with the rank of a country, it being a star added to the American flag…"

Dr. Muhammad Isma'il Ali, "What is the Meaning", al-Ahram, April 2 2005


  • "…Likewise, we completely condemn the American subjugation to the control of the Jewish extreme lobby and its total bias towards Zionism…"

Dr. Muhammad Majdi Marjan, "How Will You Become a President of the Republic?", al-Ahram, March 30, 2005


  • "Completing our discussion which we started last week about the new American law for protecting Semitism which expresses the conspicuous American bias towards Zionism and the Zionist terror, we demand of the American President, Bush, to bring to trial a number of his American elders, in accordance with this new law. There are great leaders in America and the west who should be brought to trial for anti-Semitism… for they have found fault with the Jewish self and warned their people from the Jews' wickedness, their evil character and the danger they pose for the human societies.

The first of these leaders: the American President George Washington, who stated about two hundred years ago his position concerning the Jewish danger which threatens the American society, by saying: 'The destructive Jewish influence over our lives and future, surpasses the danger of all our enemies' armies. They are even a hundred times more dangerous and fatal for our freedoms'… The second leader… is the American President Benjamin Franklin, who said in a speech given when the constitution of the United States was written in the year 1789: 'Oh gentlemen, in every land where the Jews have settled, they caused the moral level to be lost, corrupted its commercial covenant and are still isolated and do not merge with the others'. Then he said: 'If they are not driven away from the United States by the very words of the constitution, then their flood will pour forth to such a degree that they will be able to rule our nation and destroy it. Not two thousands years will pass before the destiny of our descendants will be to be workers in the fields in order to guarantee food for the Jews, while the Jews remain in the treasure houses, rubbing their hands with delight'.[4] The third anti-Semitic leader is Napoleon Bonaparte the emperor of France, who used to say many times: 'Since the days of Moses, the Jews are sinners and conspirers. All the talents of the Jews are focused at actions of robbery… The Jews are destroying France like locusts'…

And finally we say: if anti-Semitism is a serious American accusation in this time, then this is an honor we will not give up. As Arabs and Muslims, we are all honored with this accusation, and we announce it to the whole world: we hate the Jews and treat them as an enemy. Whoever from among the Arabs and Muslims finds in his chest and heart something else but this, he must check himself and wake up from his inattention concerning the truth about the Zionist Jews, whose wicked character was exposed by the holy Koran, as were the treachery, rancor, hypocrisy, infidelity and repudiation harbored in their souls."


Ahmad Abu Zayd, "George Washington, Franklin and Napoleon: Anti-Semites", al-Wafd, April 13, 2005


  • "…It is certain that these fears gain their importance and confirmation by reading the course of events, their development and their occurrences in the area as a whole: they reveal the role of the Jewish American lobby in the rapid endeavoring to push Washington towards rearranging the regional situation by what will accomplish the special interests of Israel… Perhaps I should be clearer and say: the Jewish American lobby which has penetrated into and gained control over the decision making kitchen in Washington, has a charge sheet – fabricated and faked – against Syria…"

Mursi 'Atallah, "The Danger Does Not Threaten Only Syria!", al-Ahram, March 17, 2005


  • "…The Professor of International Law (Dr. Ali Hamid al-Ghatit) points to the fact that the term anti-Semitism used to include being against the Jewish religion alone without the other religions, but the meaning of anti-Semitism was inflated in the new American law to include two startling elements: the first is being against the Zionist organization or inciting against it, and the second is being against or criticizing Israel and its policies and actions that are internationally criminal – expulsion and annihilation of the Arabs and Palestinians, their Muslims and their Christians… what specifically concerns the Zionist plan and its conspiracies to establish the state of Israel are actions of annihilation, slaughtering and compulsory deportation of the people of Palestine, Christians and Muslims…"

Mahmud an-Nubi, "A Conference for Discussing the Meanings of Anti-Semitism: Straying Laws Against the Arabs",[5] al-Ahram, March 7, 2005


  • "…(Raja'i Qutan:) 'This splitting off (of Turkish political parties) was carried out by an alliance of internal and foreign powers.'

('Abd al-Halim Ghazali, the interviewer:) 'Which foreign powers do you mean?' (Raja'i Qutan:) 'I mean the United States and some countries of the European Union, and when we say the United States we mean Israel, since Washington is under the control of the Zionist lobby which is the supporter of Israel… We say: that which serves the United States is in the interest of Israel, which desires part of the Turkish territories, in accordance with its religious historical dream of big Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates, or what is called the promised land.'"


Abd al-Halim Ghazali, "Raja'i Qutan, Head of the Oppositional Turkish Happiness Party, to al-Ahram…", al-Ahram, March 7, 2005


  • "…If it is true that the (American) project of the big Middle East has Israeli sources, as is revealed by Shimon Peres's book 'The New Middle East', then there is no doubt that what resolution 1559 demands of Syria will not be purely for the sake of freedom and democracy as Washington and Paris allege, but yet will accomplish – indirectly – Tel Aviv's goals…"

Dr. Sa'id al-Lawandi, "America and Europe: Peels and Cores", al-Ahram, March 6, 2005


Nazis and Israel


  • "…Sharon carefully ignored any mention of the ultimate source of 'incitement' against Israel, namely Israel's Nazi-like treatment of the Palestinian people, with the murder of thousands of civilians, including hundreds of children, as well as the wanton demolition of thousands of Palestinian homes. Sharon also overlooked the manifestly racist indoctrination of tens of thousands of Jewish children studying in Talmudic schools throughout Israel…"

Khalid 'Amayreh, "Palestinians Protest Against UN Impotence", al-Ahram Weekly, March 17-23, 2005


  • "…These three reasons are the origin of the basis of racist discrimination which is known in today's world and of which Nazism, Fascism and Zionism were the rightful inheritors…"

Samih Karim, "The Arab Organization Against Discrimination: the Dream Which Became Real", al-Ahram, March 23, 2005


  • "…The Jews – among other minorities – were persecuted by the Nazis… Muslims have been persecuted too… History does not justify persecution. One might think that it would teach us not to make the same mistakes our predecessors made. One might think that the Jews, for example, having being persecuted, would not persecute others. Indeed, having lived through such a horrific tragedy as the holocaust, one might have thought the Jews would be the people most willing to avoid its repetition. This has not been the case and the situation is more complex still, in that the Jews who founded Israel were already busy with their own persecution of Muslims in Palestine when they were confronted by Nazi persecution… The crimes of which (Ken) Livingstone spoke that are being perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinians are best understood as crimes against humanity or the crime of genocide…"

Curtis Doebbler (professor of law at an-Najah National University in Nablus, Palestine), "Commentary: Between Law and Politics", al-Ahram Weekly, March 10-16, 2005


The Case of Amina Wadud [6]


  • "When the Friday prayer was held at the Washington church and the sermon and prayer leading were performed by one of the ladies, for the first time in the history of the Muslims – this was not a simple American hustle or noise, but was a part of a broad campaign endeavoring to Disassemble Islam, be it in the name of modernizing it or by claiming to fight extremism and terror… The infuriating and dangerous observation concerning the activity of this Disassembling is that it is based on two main elements: a group of Muslims who exceed or who are fanatical about certain ideas, and with them some of the American Jews who support Israel and who hate everything that is Arab or Islamic… This (Daniel) Pipes… has a number of books and known positions, varying between causing fear of the mix between the Islamic belief and the armed Islam, and warning about the Muslim presence in the United States and the danger they constitute for the Jews' influence…"

Fahmi Huwaydi, "The Campaign to Disassemble Islam", al-Ahram, March 29, 2005 



The Cairo Bombing on 8.4.2005


  • "…This means that if we put the four parts together and read the events from the al-Aqsa (Mosque) to the incident of the al-Azhar neighborhood [7] and passing through Darfur, we will find that the goal is to frighten, shake the stability and distract the Arab countries while they defend themselves and their inner structure, so that they will not pay attention to the dividing up of the area, and so that Israel will be free for its expansionist goals, to the accomplishment of which all means are used, including filthy operations – placing death traps by explosive charges, as did happen in al-Azhar… In light of this, can it be said that the operation in Jawhar as-Siqilli Street, the founder of Cairo, is far from the Mosad? Isn't the intention behind it to scare Egypt and distract it so that it will not pay attention to what is happening in al-Aqsa, will shut its eyes to what is being contrived for Syria and not place its weight on Sudan's side in Sudan's tribulation? …"

Mahmud Murad, "From al-Aqsa to Darfur", al-Ahram, April 19, 2005


  • "…The specialists think probable that there are imprints of agents of the Israeli secret service, the 'Mosad', and the American secret service, the 'CIA'. They are the ones who are accused of planning the Taba and al-Azhar incidents, in order to strike the tourism and shake the stability in Egypt, this stability which is the target of the agents of the new colonialism..."

Front page news item in al-Wafd, "The al-Azhar Bombing by Foreign Planning and Funding", April 14, 2005


The Al-Aqsa Mosque


  • "…These (Israeli) terrorist movements are connected to some Zionist Christian movements concentrated in Brooklyn-New York and Australia. These have succeeded in drafting many senior politicians, at the forefront of whom are a large number of leaders of the current American administration and a large number of businessmen. These groups in New York and Australia have succeeded in collecting hundreds of millions of dollars and pumping them into the terrorist movements in the land of Palestine, in service of the process of erasing the Arab identity from Palestine and establishing the alleged temple… These movements are nothing but the hand that carries out, and with which the Israeli government will carry out its crimes…"

"14 Terrorist Movements For Destroying al-Aqsa", al-Wafd, April 17, 2005


  • "The current alliance between Zionism and Christians known as Zionist Christianity – despite the ancient hatred and the historical vengeances between the Jews and Christians – might be surprising… Yet the Jews, with their opportunist and Machiavelli-like nature, decided to ally with the Christians and drown them in the fairy tale, in order to seek their help in destroying al-Aqsa and thus build David's temple, which will announce the return of the messiah again… The Christians themselves must know that the moment the Jews finish eliminating the Muslim holy places from Jerusalem, the flower of all cities, then they will turn to the Church of Nativity, the holiest place for Christians, since the Zionists will definitely not accept any religious presence other than Judaism in Jerusalem…"

"The Jewish Terror Groups Exploit America's Christians to Destroy al-Aqsa…", al-Wafd, April 17, 2005


  • "…What is happening is nothing but Israeli wiles for the sake of crumbling the relations between the religions, so Judaism will prevail… Israel strives to crumble the cohesion between human beings and between religions, so only Judaism will exist on the scene…"

"Al-Aqsa is Devoid of Solomon's Temple…", al-Wafd, April 14, 2005


  • "The voices of the Islamic leaderships in Jerusalem have been rising for years now warning against the conspiracies that are being contrived by the Zionist extremists against the blessed al-Aqsa Mosque. The goal of these conspiracies is to destroy it and establish the alleged temple of Salomon… The Zionists are crawling towards the al-Aqsa Mosque ever since it fell captive in the year 1967, they are planning night and day to erase it from Jerusalem and are digging tunnels under its walls… Oh Muslims, your al-Aqsa will be destroyed by the Jews, so grasp it before its too late… al-Aqsa has been exposed to more than a hundred Zionist attacks since its fall in captivity in the year '67 and until today… We are not exaggerating when we say that the al-Aqsa Mosque has been exposed to a slow destruction since the year 1967… Yet the Jews are Jews, and their conspiracies against Islam and the Muslims will not end until Allah will inherit the earth and everyone on it…"

Ahmad Abu Zayd, "It Only Remains to Say: al-Aqsa Has a God Who Protects It", al-Wafd, March 30, 2005



  • "…The Freemasonic movement, the members of which are known as Freemasons or the free builders – some say that it appeared in Scotland in the 17th century and some say that it is much older, and that it already appeared in the year 44 A.D. by Herod Aggripa, a Roman king. His two assistants were Jewish, and this is why the Freemasonic thought was connected to Judaism… Freemasonry is considered the biggest secret organization known in history… You will quickly reveal its true intentions – a group of projects destructive for mankind… It should be mentioned that Freemasonry was always connected to revolutions such as Bolshevism in Russia… (Freemasonry) is one of the instruments of Zionism which departed from Judaism…"

Rim 'Azmi, "…Hollywood Steals the History of Civilizations!", al-Ahram al-'Arabi, April 9, 2005


  • "…Everyone ignored the research into the roots of this crime which reveals the true fingers that sow civil strife and commit the crimes: Israel is the true doer of all these events,[8] for it is the one who benefits primarily, and America is the inciter whose view agrees and is consistent with global Zionism… All the laws that America sets in detail for us in order to apply them to our governments and nations – their basis sees matters from the Israeli point of view which is fanatical against the Arabs and Islam and aims to strip us off of our belief, history and civilization… I call the Arab Organization against Discrimination… to prepare us a solid study which will collect this kind of laws issued by the Congress, laws that refer to our Arab area, for this will express clearly and reveal the extent of subordination to Global Zionism to which America has reached, to such a point that protection contains the Israeli policy in the area and its actions that are internationally criminal – expulsion and annihilation of the Arabs and Palestinians, the Muslims among them and the Christians…"

Muhammad 'Alawan, "The New Caliph of the Muslims", al-Wafd, April 5, 2005


  • "…Qarsly…[9] confirmed that the loss of the Free Democrats in the general German elections in September 2002 was a result of Zionist pressures to which the party was exposed. In the book ("Germany: Between the Guilt Complex and Fear") which was recently published – the introductory of which was written by the head of the administrative board and the editor in chief of al-Ahram, Ibrahim Nafi' – Qarsly talked about his political experience in the German society and the pressures to which the Arabs are exposed by the media circles and establishments in Germany which are subjected to the control and pressures of the Zionist lobby…"

'Imad Sayyid Ahmad, "The Experience of an Arab Member of the German Parliament: the German Guilt Complex", al-Ahram al-'Arabi, March 12, 2005


Media Control


  • "We have lived for many years while dealing with world events through the news agencies, the power and capital of which are controlled by barons who were entrusted by the Zionist movement with controlling the power of the media…"

'Isam Kamil, "Al-Ahram's Awakening", al-Wafd, April 26 2005


  • "…The continuing media campaigns in the United States of America, conducted by the extreme Zionist media machine, blame Islam for terror, while the world sees every day the scenes of burning and collective killing of young men and women in our occupied country, and their killing of our children and the ripping apart of their body parts or the piercing of their small heads with their treacherous bullets…"

Dr. Ahmad al-Hadi Yasin Siraj ad-Din, "Change – Why and How", al-Wafd, April 6, 2005


  • "…Perhaps the most important thing that assists the Israelis to mislead is that they control most of the influential media means in America and Europe…

I also warn that the other face of the Israeli robbery hides behind the placards of democracy, held high by the American administration… with the aim of turning it into a card of robbery in negotiations for the service of the Israeli goals and aims in the first place…"


Mursi 'Atallah, "Foolish Jokes and Robbery Cards!", al-Ahram, April 7, 2005


Israeli Education


  • "… (Dr. Safa Mahmud Abd al-'al)[10] points out that the Zionist will always remain a threat to his neighbors, since the boundaries of his country are concealed. From here come his continuous expansionist aspirations, especially since his educational establishments work gradually to implant faith in the country or in the land without boundaries. Dr. Abd al-'al describes these texts as an unprecedented strain of racism, superiority, terror and lack of recognition of the other…"

Mu'tazz Ahmad, "In the Hebrew Documents: Dr. Safa Abd al-'al Uncovers the Israeli Racism", al-Ahram al-'Arabi, April 16, 2005


  • "…Egyptian researcher Safa 'Abd al-Aal prepared a study, addressing the Israeli curriculum, with a certain degree of focus on the Israeli media... she posited that Israel's educational curricula is aimed at psychologically mobilizing the new generation towards war, and inciting racism against the Arabs. She said that Israeli textbooks implant the desire for war in the souls of students as the only means of defending what they see as historical and legitimate rights, and in order to mobilize Israeli public opinion towards accepting the idea that there is no escaping war… 'The danger of this racist education lies in the fact that it is taught during the primary phase of the Israeli educational system, which accounts for nine years of a student's total education,' 'Abd al-Aal added. 'During these years children receive their basic foundation, and Zionism is used to inject them with malice and hatred towards the Arabs in particular, and others in general, and they are also fed the entire spectrum of the Zionist philosophy of superiority'…"

'Imad Jad, "From Israel: Hatred at the Start", al-Ahram Weekly, March 17-23, 2005 





  • "Europe today is like someone who stands between two fires: the fire of America which continues to threaten Europe and reproach it for what America has done for it during the Second World War, and the fire of Israel which relies on the enormous Jewish capabilities that operate the machine of production, money and all of the European societies…"

Faysal Abu Khadra, "What Will the Palestinian Authority Choose – Principle or Reality?", al-Ahram, April 23, 2005


  • "Although their number does not exceed 200,000 people, the Jews in Britain are trying to play a role in the general elections that are to be held there on the 5th of the upcoming May. This can be considered as following the steps of the Jewish lobby in the United States, whom the American presidential candidates take into extreme consideration. By affirming their existence, Britain's Jews are striving to play a role in the British policies that will serve the Jews in general and will continue to serve the Hebrew state specifically, as the British support of Israel and its policies in the Middle East is clear… No one can deny that Britain's Jews enjoy great influence despite their small number… many seniors and ministers are Jewish or from Jewish origin as there are many Jewish establishments in Britain… Over time the Jews gained great influence, especially in the second half of the 19th century. Many of them acquired projects and companies, and the Jewish influence especially in the banks has become very much obvious…"

Sami al-Qimhawi, "Will Britain's Jews Influence the Upcoming Elections?", al-Ahram, April 23, 2005


  • "In the funeral of the Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla), the Israeli president Moshe Katzav was one of the 200 official personalities who were at the head of those who paid last honors… The television networks delivered his picture: on his face there was a slight smile, not without the feeling of victory. No one imagined that an Israeli – whoever he might be – would walk in the funeral of the Pope, the Pope of the Vatican who represents more than a billion catholic Christians and carries Jesus' sorrows and pains caused by the Jews through the crucifixion and thorns and the hammering of his pure body with nails… The blood of the messiah stood as a barrier between Israel and the Vatican, a barrier described by the former Pope Paul VI as harder than crossing a wide river controlled by vicious crocodiles…"

'Adil Hamuda, "The Hidden Pope", al-Ahram, April 16 2005


  • "The massacres of the Jews extended to the ancient period, to the days of Herod the king of the Jews who performed the biggest massacre of children, after he heard through prophecy that there is a child among these children who is the messiah, and then he ordered to kill all the children… The stages of the establishment of the Zionist state have witnessed many massacres, bloody raids, massacres of prisoners from among the soldiers and the worst kinds of torture and killing. This is their way, characterized by vileness and treachery… The Israeli bull is still free, using the American machine in order to cause ruin and destruction to a defenseless people and throw the whole Arab area into civil wars and conflicts…"

Mahmud Huraydi, "In the Anniversary of the Dir Yasin and Bahr Baqar Massacres", al-Wafd, April 12, 2005


  • "Propagating the idea of Semitism and drawing the weapon of anti-Semitism is considered one of the most important activities of the global Jewish council, which has recently organized a session in the United Nations in order to discuss the problem of anti-Semitism… The historian Dr. Fayid 'Ashur… says that in recent years, the expression anti-Semitism has frequently appeared in the different means of media in the sense of anti-Judaism. This lie and this historical swindle reveal the Jewish lies on the one hand and on the other hand reveal the control of the Jewish media… People must be warned about the Jewish lies and the Zionist schemes on this point…"

D. Hasan Ali Duba, "…Anti-Semitism Does Not Mean anti-Judaism", al-Ahram al-'Arabi, April 9, 2005


  • "…Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations, will participate in the opening of the new Holocaust museum tomorrow (16.3.05) in Israel… The goal of the museum's founding is to continue the Israeli series of robbing the world by the alleged massacres of the Jews in Europe…"

News item in al-Wafd, March 15, 2005

[1] This phrase is based on the Koran verse (5: 82): "You will find that the most hateful people towards those who have believed are the Jews and the polytheists…"

[2] A common Muslim anti-Semitic motif: the Jews hate Islam and fight it because they know it is true, and are thus jealous of it.

[3] According to many Muslim traditions, the Jews of Medina betrayed the Prophet Muhammad by allying with his polytheist enemies. The disbelief mentioned refers to the Jews' disbelief in Muhammad's prophecy. Finally, according to the Koran and Muslim tradition, the children of Israel disbelieved in prophets before Muhammad and even killed some.

[4] The "Franklin prophecy" is a famous anti-Semitic myth, and is common in Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism. For more details concerning its contents and history, see

[5] The conference was held in Cairo (8-10.3.2005) and was organized by the AAD (Arabs Against Discrimination, which was founded by al-Ahram editor in chief Ibrahim Nafi') in cooperation with the Egyptian College of Economics and Political and Social Sciences.

[6] Amina Wadud, Professor of Islamic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, led an Islamic service in Manhattan (18.3.05). According to the common orthodox Islamic law, a woman can lead the service only for women, not men or a mixed congregation.

[7] The suicide bombing in Cairo (8.4.05)

[8] The writer is referring to former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri's assassination and the alleged attempt to assassinate Hizballah's leader, Hasan Nasrallah.

[9] Jamal Qarsly, a German parliament member from Syrian origin

[10]  The author of "The Education of Racism in the Israeli Curriculums"

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