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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends March - April 2005

Palestinian Authority

Posted: May 26, 2005

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Al-Hayat al-Jadida, April 17, 2005

"The rights to continue the suppression of the Palestinians still exist."


Al-Hayat al-Jadida, April 11, 2005

On the right: "The trustees of the alleged temple"; on the left: "The trustees of al-Aqsa"



Blood Libels

  • "…Anyone who lived among the Jews knows that they actually prepare a certain and special sacrifice which is holy for them, not only without the others knowing about this, but also after taking out the children and women and shutting the windows and doors in the room where they prepare the sacrifice, and mostly in the night, the night of the Passover holiday. The Jewish 'Hasidic' sect puts Christian blood – if they manage to get hold of it – in this sacrifice. Some of the Jews' defenders try to adopt the thought that they do actually need blood for this sacrifice, but they don't get hold of it necessarily through the crime of murder; what is important is to get hold of the blood in any way. Yet this view is not correct, for the secret in this crazy ceremony demands the blood of an innocent Christian child who is a martyr… Likewise, the fanatic Jews in the holiday of Purim… kill one of the Christians, and prepare flat triangular breads after mixing them with blood, and then they distribute these breads to the Jews everywhere…"

The rest of the article brings many 'historical' incidents from the 18th and 19th centuries in Poland and Russia as evidence for the Jews' use of Christian blood.

Vladimir Dal, translated by Dr. Mamduh Abu al-Wayy according to a Russian book published in Moscow in the year 2000, "Judaism's History is Uncovered by Renegade Jews", Al-Watanvoice (A Palestinian Internet Daily newspaper from Gaza), January 13 2005 [1]


Anti-Semitism in Schoolbooks


·         "…There is a group of confidential resolutions issued by the Congress (the first Zionist congress in 1897 held at Basel-Switzerland) and known by the name 'The Protocols of the Wise men of Zion', the goal of which was world domination. They were brought to light by Sergey Nilos and translated into Arabic by Muhammad Khalifa at-Tunisi…"

History of the Modern and Contemporary World for the Tenth Grade, Page 63, The Ministry of Education and Higher Learning of Palestine, 2004[2]

[1] Vladimir Dal lived in the 19th century in Russia. The article was still on the Internet site at the time of this report's preparation (April 2005).

[2] We thank the CMIP (Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace) for this information.

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