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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends March - April 2005

Saudi Arabia

Posted: May 26, 2005

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America and Israel


·         "…AIPAC, the Zionist lobby's pressure group which represents the political cancer in the American body, began moving in speed in order to restore the understanding between Washington and Tel Aviv, at times by promises and at other times by threats. The patching of the American-Israeli disagreement managed to bring back the relationship between the two to its primary course which imposes Washington's subordination to Israel, with all the crimes that are caused by it. The White House's political decision making is not only against America but also against the Arabs, and we are not exaggerating if we say against the world, since Israel's greed stretches to impose Zionism's control over the international family on earth…"

Rida Muhammad Lary, "I Want to Say: Israel's Democracy for the Arabs", ar-Riyad, April 28, 2005


  • "…The Jewish Diaspora in America has managed to turn over the political American balance through its control of capital which has enabled it to form pressure groups, 'the Zionist lobby', which ruled the political life in America through its control of the elections. This has enabled it to direct the political decision, after it deprived the nation of all its political rights…"

Rida Muhammad Lary, "I Want to Say: the Global Absence of Democracy", ar-Riyad, April 21, 2005


  • "…This sort of policy of interests is not new to the American administrations which have always yielded to Israel's demands however hard and humiliating they might be. The majority of those who are the decision makers in the United States are businessmen who are interested first and foremost in their interests, and the Jewish American lobby knows how to exploit them…"

Dr. Fawzi al-Asmar, "Who Is the Real Master?", ar-Riyad, April 16, 2005


  • "…This difference between the official view and the personal view… and the dissimilarity between them has turned the presidents of America into mere puppets in the White House, moved by the Zionist lobby in directions and paths that serve the Israeli interests and harm the highest American interests…

In his report, the military expert Joe(?) Files(?) puts forth the evidence that America has produced the Tsunami earthquake through nuclear experiments, performed by America under the umbrella of a conspiring plan which aims at killing more than a hundred thousand Muslims in Sumatra in one wave. Joe(?) Files(?) says in his report that this American crime came as partial compensation for Washington's devastating failure in Afghanistan and Iraq… Washington was pushed to pursue 'environmental terror' through the production of disasters on earth by its nuclear experiments that make the world confront the American nuclear terror – the biggest war crime known to man throughout his history on earth… so that all the disasters on earth will be produced by America, in order to destroy half the world that is rebelling against it and reap through fear the subjugation of the other half…"

Rida Muhammad Lary, "I Want to Say: the American Nuclear Terror", ar-Riyad, April 7, 2005


  • "…As I stated, most of these neo-conservatives have firm connections with Israel and provide it strong and continuing support… In the world about which the neo-conservatives dream, all the countries in the Middle East become democracies that belong to America and place in front of their eyes the strategic interests of the state of Israel, especially the need to create a commercial and economical climate which will assist the ability of the Israeli economy to continue its growth. Hence it is important that Mr. Wolfowitz be in the International Bank…"

Mutshir al-Murshid, "What Is the Difference Between the International Bank and the American Defense Department?", ar-Riyad, March 21, 2005


  • "The results of the Iraqi elections asserted that the imperialistic and Zionistic plans aim at tearing apart the Arab entity and turning it into small groups, with the goal of establishing entities that can be controlled and operating them according to the desires and demands of the American imperialism and the interests of Israel and Zionism… This, in reality, is the project of Washington and Tel Aviv for Iraq, for it will be easy to create civil strife and force the residents to enter a civil war through splitting up the people and the government into sectarian, racial, ethnic and religious dimensions…"

Dr. Fawzi al-Asmar, "The Goal: Ripping Apart the Arab Entity", ar-Riyad, March 10, 2005





  • "…Men and women from the Darfur area participated in these demonstrations (against UN resolution 1593). They announced that the attack against them came by incitement of America and participation of Israel, which granted weapons and financial support to men who came from outside Sudan's land to attack the Darfur area, in order to accomplish two goals: the first is to steal the abundant uranium in Darfur by America, and the second is to split up Sudan so this will be the beginning of the road towards making the Arab countries minimal for Israel's interest, whom America  endeavors to make gigantic in preparation for its role in the area of the big Middle East…"

Rida Muhammad Lary, "I Want to Say: the Anger of the Sudanese People", ar-Riyad, April 14, 2005


  • "…If we look at the last series of explosions (in Beirut), then they point to one out of three sides as responsible: 1. The Mosad… 3. The CIA… It is possible that there is coordination on the highest degree between the first player – the Mosad – and the CIA…"

Dr. Muhammad Nahid al-Quwayz, "And the Criminal Returned to the Crime Scene", ar-Riyad, April 11, 2005


  • "…If we can conclude from this that some of the inciting and bias satellite channels inevitably belong to the secret service in one of the countries that benefits from this kind of a media tendency, which is established on the long run for the goal of rewriting the area's map according to the interests of Zionism and their stepdaughter Israel… then the platforms and the problems that serve the imperialistic and Zionist attack on the area are not hidden…"

Dr. Hamad ibn Abdullah al-Lahidan, "To Whom Belong the Inciting Satellite Channels?", ar-Riyad, March 18, 2005


  • "I will not add to what has been previously said, except that I want to assert that the Jews are the owners of the biggest capital and companies around the world. I am not delusional with the idea of Jewish control over the world – a number of presidents, leaders, intellectuals and politicians have already said this before me. They actually do control the world through commerce and through the congress of the strongest biggest country, if this expression is correct, as appears in the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion…!"

Abu Fahd, Readers' Comments on an Article by Fahd 'Amir al-Ahmadi, "Companies that Rule the World", ar-Riyad, March 6, 2005


  • "…According to the analysis that we have read and what was written about the Tel Aviv Pub operation,[1] it is as if the Mosad is involved in it… Didn't we say that there cannot be any peace between them and the Palestinians? … These are Jews, don't you know yet the Jews? Let us read what Allah has said about them in his masterful book (the Koran), and you will then know that nothing will be useful with them except force and force only."

Abdullah al-Wad'ani, Readers' Comments on an Article by Dr. Abd al-Wahid Khalid al-Hamid, "Superman from Flesh and Blood", ar-Riyad, March 2, 2005


The Case of Amina Wadud


  • "…A couple of months ago "The True Furqan" was published,[2] the new Koran which was distributed in Kuwait in some private schools. It includes an unprecedented distortion of the Koran texts and changes in the noble verses, in what agrees with and is desired by the study centers that are anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim and are funded by global Zionism. Those who are currently heading the campaign of women's equity in Islam in the American way are Islamic-American movements, on the forefront of which is the Union of Progressive Muslims headed by the Zionist Ahmad Nasir and Amina Wadud… The Muslim woman who understands the essence of Islam will defend her existence, her entity and her humanity as Islam wants her to, not as is formulated for her in the cellars of the Zionist administration, wherever they might be…"

Dr. Nura Khalid as-Sa'd, "Amina Wadud: She Will Not Be the Last But the First!", ar-Riyad, April 14, 2005



An Egyptian Study of Israeli Curriculums


  • "… (Education) in Israel is viewed as a constant and ruling force which endeavors to direct these minds as it endeavors to feed these minds with the principals of Zionist upbringing… and to create a situation of freedom of immediate and violent revenge against anyone else who opposes this Zionist ideology or anyone who might form an obstacle in front of the accomplishment of the goal of greater Israel, and then to particularize the hostile sentiment of the Jewish personality with the hostile behavior which accompanies it, in order to accomplish the higher goal in any form and in any way! Among the main requirements of the educational system in Israel – as the researcher (Egyptian Dr. Safa Mahmud Abd al-'Al) says – is the striving to plant the seeds of fear from the others in the brains of the youth and to root the elements of hate and rancor in their psychic forces…"

Sharif ash-Shafi'i, "A Researcher Observes the Features of Racist Upbringing in the Israeli Curriculums", ar-Riyad, April 11, 2005




  • "…President Putin does not enjoy admiration in Israel, due to his attempts to exterminate corruption. This corruption was exploited in an unnatural way by the Jewish Diaspora in Russia which has transformed its influence in capital and media into a problem that has changed the meaning of the relationship with the Arabs and has tried to turn it into enmities; hence the pressures regarding the cooperation with Iran concerning its nuclear facilities, and Syria's armament…"

Ar-Riyad editorial article, "Putin: and What About Russia's Relationship With the Arabs?", April 29, 2005


  • "…Zionist thinking is unable to comply with just peace, since it contradicts its foundations. For this Zionist thinking, peace means the end of the role performed by this movement and hence of the Jewish state, and likewise the end of exploiting the world's material, human and military energies which are needed by (this movement/state) in order to continue its existence…"

Dr. Fawzi al-Asmar, "The Summit's Meeting: Views and Challenges", ar-Riyad, April 27, 2005


  • "…Splitting up the one nation into religious and sectarian minorities is a basic element in the imperialistic and Zionistic thinking…"

Dr. Fawzi al-Asmar, "Sectarianism – an American-Israeli Goal", ar-Riyad, April 25, 2005


  • "…It is useful to remember history, as the Jews crucified the Messiah and revenged his victory on the basis of Christianity's defeat and the consideration of fighting the Messiah an essential part of Jewish belief… As is obvious, the deceased Pope John Paul II was behind the violation of the Christian position concerning the Jews' crimes – beginning with crucifying the Messiah and the other historical crimes, among them: their disgusting revenge of Christians in many occasions and in consecutive periods…"

Rakan al-Majali, "A Determined Role for the New Pope and the Catholic Church in a Changing Time", ar-Riyad, April 23, 2005


  • "The Jews contrive a unified media plan that is continuing for 45 years, a plan through which they determine their goals. All the media channels that present their programs through all that is displayed in the media channels – televisions, newspapers, broadcasting and anything that has a connection to reaching the mass – operate according to this plan. For example, when the global and European television screens presented the events of the 11th of September and broadcasted the disaster live, the Jewish channels presented the figure of the Muslim Arab in children programs and cartoons in his traditional dress killing the children of the world and attacking their weak ones and their women… the Jews have indeed succeeded in reaching their goals at least until our current time, and until Allah destines a matter which is inevitable…"

Huda as-Salim, "What Do They Want?", ar-Riyad, April 20, 2005


  • "…This is what causes to ask: why doesn't Japan acknowledge its methods and why do its seniors not admit to these acts of exceeding and apologize for them so they will remain a matter of history? Or is Japan fearful that this problem will be stirred so that there will be a demand from Japan to give big compensations, as is the case with the Nazi crematorium of the Jews, which has remained a basis of political and economical exploitation…"

Editorial article, "India, Pakistan, China and Japan", ar-Riyad, April 17, 2005


  • "…Everybody knows that the firm positions of the Kingdom (of Saudi Arabia) concerning the just problems around the world, be it in Palestine or in any other place, have exposed the Kingdom to an unjust media campaign driven by personalities who are bias towards helping Zionism in any possible form…"

Mutshir al-Murshid, "The Visit to the West of His Highness the Crown Prince", ar-Riyad, April 11, 2005


  • "…The Public Institute of Education in the city of Herzliya… pointed out in a study which it published lately the extent of danger of the phenomenon of Israeli female teachers raping children, asserting that more than 29.6 % of the pupils fall under the danger of rape… During her investigation, (Sigalit) said in a provocative tone that she enjoys committing these acts since she was in the Israeli army, when she used to commit the same acts with Palestinian children of martyrs' families. Her senior military commanders knew about this and used to order her to do this in order to punish these families… her big bodily aptitudes and her conspicuous muscles were the motive behind her training for this assignment… She claimed that the Israeli army crystallizes many military abnormal orders that it does not announce and are specifically designated against families of the Palestinian martyrs… These are the orders that are called 'Instructions for Stopping Terror'… This is what caused the study to assert that most of the Israeli military men are indeed sick people in military uniform…

What is interesting is that Esther pointed out that the rape actions that she has committed are considered a holy religious obligation decreed by the Torah, which demands the Jew to revenge whoever has harmed and humiliated him…

Hence this study shows the psychological problems from which the Israeli society suffers… a matter that proves once again the difficulty of social and psychological problems in which this society lives and the abnormal way which its citizens pursue."

Published in preparation with the (Egyptian) al-Ahram News Agency, "Detested Crimes in the Name of Obligation and Religion: Rape of Children by Female Teachers – One of the Most Dangerous Phenomena in the Israeli Society", ar-Riyad, March 19, 2005


  • "…Israel, for example – being the greatest beneficiary from the political events since the 11th of September and until now, including the events of Iraq and Lebanon – reaps the benefits and plays the role of the innocent observer who has absolutely no connection to what is happening on the global stage…"

Yusuf Qablan, "The Flood of Change", ar-Riyad, March 13, 2005

  • "…If we were to look at Israel for example, we would see that it is a pure religious state and even a racist religious one. Its religion does not accept from whoever is not a Jew meat or blood. Thus, the Jewish thought and belief are a firmly established belief which does not accept bargaining or infringement. We find behind it a shield and an impenetrable fortification that guard this belief, protect it and accomplish all its demands and the implementation of its program, represented in global Zionism which has taken on the responsibility of protecting this religion and state…"

Abdullah an-Nasir, "Unity of Thought, Unity of the Homeland", ar-Riyad, March 4, 2005


  • "…His Eminence (the General Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abd al-'Aziz ibn Abdullah Aal ash-Sheikh) warned about giving religious legal opinion or speaking without knowledge, for this is an inspiration of the devil… He asserted that this way is considered the way of the Jews, against whom Allah has warned us and against whose way he ordered us to seek his help, as against the way of the Christians…"

Ali ash-Shathri, "During the Annual Welcome Ceremony for the Members of the Organization of the Senior Learned Ones…", ar-Riyad, March 2, 2005


[1] The writer is referring to the suicide bombing in a Tel Aviv pub, 25.2.05.

[2] "Furqan" – literally: salvation or distinction (between good and bad). This is one of the names for the Koran.

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