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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends May - June 2005


Posted: July 12, 2005

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Al-Ahram weekly
, June 2-8, 2005

Al-Ahram Weekly, May 19-25, 2005



America and Israel


  • "…The group which directs now the foreign American policy is the one which has laid down for Israel and specifically for the Likud the policy which they must follow with the Arabs and the peace process… In his book 'The Sorrows of Empire', The American writer Chalmers Johnson asserts that in Washington there is a wide-spread belief that the Likud in Israel has the biggest influence on the political American thinking concerning the Middle East. In the first weeks after the invasion of Iraq, the American media reflected an argument in Washington regarding the role of the pro-Israeli groups in dragging America into the war in Iraq and the goals afterwards…"
    'Atif al-Ghamri, "The Strategy of Good Intention?!", al-Ahram, May 4 2005




  • "In the hallways of the European Union in Brussels there is serious talk that most of the European Union countries are exposed to pressures from Jewish men of capital and Jewish businessmen who carry European citizenships, in order for them to be planted in the Arab and Islamic countries… as independent experts and advisers… These Jews exert pressure through the enormous capital they own… The goals of the Jewish men of capital and Jewish businessmen… also extend to accomplish political goals that serve the normalization process with the Jews, through economical hegemony over important service projects in these states…"
    Fikriyya Ahmad, "Europe's Jews Maneuver towards Normalization with the Arab Countries; Jewish Capital Tries to Infiltrate Through the Door of Euro-Middle Eastern Partnership", al-Wafd, June 15 2005


  • "The camera and the guitar are a known Zionist method for spreading Zionist concepts in order to control the world and corrupt its values, side by side with the implementing of the normalization plans with the state of Israel. This is done by luring the Arab and Muslim youth by all means of materialistic and physical seduction, in order to commit what resembles brainwashing, so as to erase the Arab rejection of the Jewish crimes... This is what is practiced by thousands of Jewish organizations and establishments that are spread in our Arab countries..."
    Fikriyya Ahmad, "An Israeli Normalization Campaign Aiming at the Arab Youth in Holland", al-Wafd, May 4 2005


  • "…The Zionist enemy, the mortal enemy of Islam, which hates Muslims and even the whole world – for the Zionists in their own eyes are the rulers of the world, and everybody must be their servants… the machinations and conspiracies that they commit in all the countries of the world and especially in the Islamic countries – in order to confuse the Arabs and Muslims, and make them occupied and distracted by these events, so that the suspicion will be far from the cursed Jews, those responsible for conspiracies and machinations since the beginning of eternity, and the murderers of the Prophets…!"
    Mahmud Abu al-'Abbas, "The Arab Nation: Where to?", al-Wafd, May 8 2005


  • "…In Argentina, the Zionists have established the DAIA organization (Delegation of Jewish Argentine Associations), which has turned with the advancement of economical and political matters into a small state inside the state, and in many times a state above the state – dictating its terms and destroying the (country's) economy, until they drowned the (country) in debts – in most times intentional – that swallow all the production of this country, which is rich in its resources…
    Israel breaths a rate of 75 percent of oxygen supplied to it by Zionists from every place in which they roam. Without it, Israel would suffocate, wither and die. It should be known that this oxygen is exhausted from nations that are natural allies of ours and suffer from the common Zionist enemy. It is sufficient for us to waken their conscience so that they will stand as the Argentinean nation has stood in the sixties, when the Arab League's office concentrated all its efforts to reveal what the local Zionists were doing – positions and actions that harm the duty of loyalty to the homeland in which they were born and which has granted them full rights of citizenship. My field experience, not theoretical, proves that we can turn around the situation and triumph over the machinations of the Zionists in the United States, who have managed to recruit all its energies in order to declare an endless war on us, behind which it aspires to spread its control over our lives, to rob the resources of our generations and to erase our belief…"
    Husayn al-Tariki (Former Arab League Representative in Latin America), "We and Latin America", al-Ahram, May 8 2005


  • "…In the book, the author (Dr. Mustafa 'Abd al-Ghani) revealed the real reasons for the Zionist lobby's hatred towards the (Zaid) Center (for Arab Studies): they place the blame on the Israeli practices of Judaizing the earth and changing the area's geography."
    "A Book Reveals the Conspiracy Against the Zaid Center", al-Ahram al-'Arabi, May 7 2005


Nazis and Israel


  • "…Zaki [1] was also astonished from the fact that Sartre does not deal with the connection between Zionism and Nazism, and how they both originate from one foundation, despite the external contradiction. The theory of the superiority of the Arian race is parallel to the theory of God's chosen people…"
    Sayyid Mahmud Hasan, "A Face Hated by Arabs", al-Ahram al-'Arabi, June 4 2005


  • "…The state of Israel limited its celebration to commemorating Jewish victims of the war, particularly victims of the Holocaust… This was a clear illustration of Israeli self-absorption and the tendency to extract certain events from their general context, which concern all of humanity. It is estimated that six million Jews died in the Holocaust, but the victims of the war waged by Nazi German number over 40 million. Although the Jewish commemoration has a place, this specificity should not be used to justify such self- absorption or the elision of all non-Jews from the picture. Moreover, it cannot be used to justify crimes on the pretext that what happened can never happen again, especially since the present victims had nothing to do with the Holocaust: the Palestinians had no hand in Nazi crimes, and the crimes did not occur in Palestine…"
    'Imad Jad, "Worried About Itself", Al-Ahram Weekly, May 12-18 2005




  • "…Whoever reads the details of the strategic doctrine of Israel, will find that war and violence – and not peace – are the main title of this strategy… The record of over half a century asserts that we are facing a society which believes in violence, adopts the policy of force and turns war into a method and doctrine in order to shape its present and future…
    Ari Shavit, the Journalist writer from Haaretz, with a commercial mentality not foreign to the Jews, sought to make a profit from this atmosphere and to issue a book carrying the name of 'Dividing the Country'…"
    Mursi 'Ata Allah, "Is This the Culture of Peace?", al-Ahram,
    June 16 2005


  • "…Yet come to the non-Muslims from among the Americans and the Zionist Jews and see the savageness in all its forms, and see the hatred buried in their hearts and chests towards the Muslims and their holy Koran… This is what we have gotten used to regarding the Americans and the Zionists: savageness, corruption, killing, massacring, burning and destruction. This is the true face of American and Zionist policy towards Islam and the Muslims…"
    Ahmad Abu Zayd, "The Americans and the Jews: We Respect Their Heavenly Books but They Desecrate Our Koran", al-Wafd, June 15 2005


  • "The old Zionist Henry Kissinger… it does not matter whether he was one of the leaders of the wise men (elders) of Zion, who are trustees of the so-called protocols, as rumors have it truly or falsely, or whether his first loyalty was to America… or to his Jewish religion and Zionist beliefs. What is certain is that the man was always a mortal enemy to anything that is generally Muslim or specifically Arab…"
    Ahmad 'Izz al-'Arab, "The Old Zionist Lays Down the Framework of Our Democracy", al-Wafd, May 27 2005


  • "…As the studies have proven, Jewish thought is characterized by aggressiveness and hatred."
    Fathi Salama, "The Other in Jewish Thought", al-Ahram, May 22 2005


  • "…This is the same thought which the deceptive Jews have inserted stealthily among the Muslims regarding the locking of the door of independent judgment in issues of religious thought…"[2]
    'Amru Jawda, "A Prescription for Exterminating Terror", al-Ahram al-'Arabi, May 14 2005


  • (Qardawi:) "…I refused to hold a dialogue with the Jews and I still do, for they oppressed us… for this I believe that there is no dialogue between us and the Jews. We do have a dialogue with the Christians…"
    Prepared by Hasan Ali Daba, "(Sheikh Yusuf) al-Qardawi's Formal Legal Opinion: 'I Still Refuse to Hold A Dialogue With the Jews, For They Are Oppressors", al-Ahram al-'Arabi, May 7 2005

[1] The Writer-Journalist Nabil Zaki, who wrote a book on Jean Paul Sartre.

[2] According to many Muslim and non-Muslim scholars (but certainly not all), the door of independent judgment in legal matters in Islam (ijtihad) has been shut in the Middle Ages, allowing only the imitation or adoption of an already existing legal decision (taqlid).

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