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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends May - June 2005

Saudi Arabia

Posted: July 12, 2005

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, May 20, 2005




America and Israel


  • "…Indeed, we call America to view the Arab world from a point of view that is not controlled by the Zionist lobby, which does not cease or become remiss in its attempts to drive wedges in the Arab-American relationship…"
    Hani Wafa, "Deformed Reports", ar-Riyad, June 6 2005


  • "…The conservative extreme rightwing which controls the political American decision has succeeded in bringing about intentionally the terrorist crime of 11.9.01. This tragic event was the beginning of a change which allowed the American public drive towards Israel… (America) incorporated its political project in the Zionist project, and even all its current strategy is devised in the service of Israel and the expectations of Prime Minister Sharon…"
    Rakan al-Majali, "Strengthening the American Position, Supportive of Sharon, by Eliminating the Palestinian Problem", ar-Riyad, May 12 2005





  • "The King ordered all the Saudi sea, air and land ports and the relevant governmental agencies to take more steps in order to prevent the infiltration into the local market of Israeli cosmetics that contain bacterial substances and cause skin diseases, as a result of plentiful information according to which the Israeli Mosad organization is implementing a plan aimed at marketing these substances in the Arab markets…"
    Bady al-Badrani, "Saudi Arabia Takes Precautions Against the Entrance of Israeli Cosmetics Containing Bacterial Substances", ar-Riyad, June 7 2005


  • "This (the author is referring to the title of his article) was said by Mahatir Muhammad (former Prime Minister of Malaysia)… so that the Islamic world will know its true enemy, and thus that it cannot trust Bush or Blair… and from what he said about the Jews specifically: 'The American politicians fear the Jews because anyone who votes against them fails in the elections… they control the biggest country in the world…'
    Will the Islamic world pursue (Mahatir Muhammad's) steps? If it does this, the Jews will not continue to rule the world."
    'Abd Khazandar, "The Jews Rule the World Through Deputyship", ar-Riyad, May 30 2005


  • "…The first goal of this religious Jewish thought, distorted by the Talmud, is to purify 'Jerusalem' by taking out from it the 'others' who do not adhere to the Jewish belief, the first of whom are the Arabs who desecrate the promised land of God's chosen people…"
    Rida Muhammad Lary, "I Want to Say: the Fairy Tale of Solomon's Temple", ar-Riyad, May 5 2005




  • "…The best proof for this is what Israel does day and night – robbing the civilian and military, scientific and technological secrets, not to mention terror and its spreading; this is not foreign to them – for they have already robbed the earth and shed blood before this and afterwards…"
    Dr. Hamad ibn Abdullah al-Lahidan, "Research, Development and Practice – the Shortest Ways for Industry's Success and Incorporation", ar-Riyad, June 10 2005


  • "Thus Israel tries – one has no idea of the media means it owns – to tell the world that the problem is not between Israel and the Arabs, but between the Arabs and Muslims and everybody else… Zionism is a form of colonialism, distinguished by hatred towards the Arab nation, the Arab states and Arabs – Muslims and Christians and even Jews… Thus, Zionism strives to employ any disagreement between the Arabs and others for the interest of the Zionist plan…"
    Manh as-Sulh, "Lebanon of Coexistence and Tolerance", ar-Riyad, May 30 2005


  • "…Perhaps (Israel's) control over the cinema production, the media and the centers of influence has given it a great drive in making the Arab a model for the worst human being in today's world of civilization…"
    "How Will the West Understand the Muslims?", ar-Riyad editorial, May 23 2005


  • "…Anything connected to Jews has become today a holy matter that one cannot touch or talk about, even if it is a political matter and not a religious one. Perhaps you remember the hurricane, eruption and outburst against the French philosopher Roger Garoudi, when he debated the numbers of the 'Holocaust' massacre, as he proved without any doubt through historical and journalist documents that the golden number of six million Jews, which has become a holy number… is a great exaggeration. The Jews besieged him, backed by the western and especially the America media, and blamed the great philosopher and writer for lying and being anti-Semitic…"
    Abdullah Muhammad an-Nasir, "The Koran and the Pig Meat", ar-Riyad, May 20 2005


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