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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World  
Arab Media Invokes Holocaust Analogies, Anti-Semitism in Commenting on Gaza Crisis RULE Jordan

Posted: January 7, 2009

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
UK Arabic-Language Papers

• "…They want to spread death and ruin, through which they apply Yehoshua Ben Noun's legacy… Here are his descendents – they do not revolt or rebel against the text. Furthermore, they literally stick to it. The testimonies of the survivors of the Holocaust and the field annihilation that they commit in cold blood and mean and barbaric intentions – are all  definite proof that what they say is a lie, as well as the targets they claim that they would like to achieve through the open massacre in the Gaza Strip…

"They are sure that the unlimited political and diplomatic support that they have in some international decision making capitals and the continuous hypocrisy in some important international capitals  think that the Holocaust committed by Israeli Fascists against the Gaza inhabitants is merely self defense and for protecting its civilians…Do they think that the Palestinian people are unnecessary and need to be annihilated? Is this why they entrusted the task to the Holocaust survivors' descendants so that they would commit their own Holocaust against Palestinian children, women and elders?...The destiny of Olmert, Barak and Livni and all of the Fascists supporting their criminal campaign against Gaza, will only be in history's garbage." 
 -- (Excerpt from "Gaza is Facing the Invaders with a Legendary Withstanding: The Israeli Holocaust is Targeting Children and Annihilating Entire Families" Ar-Rai, January 6, 2009 and

• Hamed Jad: "The Israeli Barbarism is Continuing to Perpetrate the Holocaust against Children and Women in Gaza," -- (Al-Ghad, January 6, 2009)

• "This is a Holocaust in every sense of the word – this is what happened and is still happening in Gaza. This is a collective annihilation war against the Palestinian people… Gaza's Holocaust scraped off many wounds among the Palestinians, the Arabs and the peace-loving forces… Gaza's Holocaust brought back the Nazi and Fascist crimes against the world's people to mind, but under a new and modern cover imposed by the scientific advancement of destructive weapons which this entity has…" -- (Dr. Fayez Rashid, "Gaza's Holocaust and More about Knowing this Enemy," Ad-Dustur, January 2, 2009.  This article also appeared on the UAE's Al-Khalij on January 4, 2009).

• "…This Israeli collective killing of the Palestinians needs desperately Arab and European support, since this is an annihilation campaign against the deprived Palestinian people…What is needed… to stop the human tragedy committed by the Nazi, racist and Fascist Israeli forces, with the support of the USA…" ('Abdalla Muhammad al-Qaq: "The Israeli Holocaust in Gaza," Ad-Dustur, December 31, 2008).

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