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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Palestinian Newspaper: American Columnists Who Support Israel "Surpass Nazism"

Posted: August 29, 2001

Excerpts from a column in the August 29, 2001 edition of the Palestinian Authority Daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, by the Editor-in-Chief, Hafez Bargutti

"Beyond the declarations of [George] Bush Jr. who suffers from a psychological complex in regard to Arabs in general, whose details we don't know, even though we don't serve alcohol to his two daughters, and there is no Arab who is involved with their alcohol addiction or with their pursuit by the US police.

"Beyond the declarations of his vice President with a damaged heart, what is astounding and surprising is to find a series of articles in American newspapers by columnists, infected with moral AIDS and who call on Israel to deal fast blows to the Palestinians ...

"These writers, who are Charles Krauthammer, William Safire and Michael Malley try to portray us as if we are threatening New York and as if fighting us is an American need and that a good Palestinian is like a good Indian - dead. This is the culture of the Zionist Lobby that rules even over the bedrooms of the senior Members of Congress and the White House. It whips them in the morning and evening for fear lest they awaken from their servitude. It castrates them and supplies them with 'Viagra Monica'.

"And the last to judge us in this area is the pathetic scoundrel Thomas Friedman who called upon NATO to conquer the [West] Bank and Gaza in order to protect his beloved Israel.

"These examples of beastly writings which surpass Nazism, require that their authors be tried in an international court, for they are considered inciters who have committed crimes against humanity...."

Source: Palestinian Media Watch (PMW

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