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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Anti-Semitism, Anti-Americanism in the Saudi-Arabian Press

Posted: May 8, 2002

The government-sponsored press in Saudi Arabia continues to spread "crude, ugly, classical" anti-Semitism and anti-American hatred in editorials, news articles and political cartoons..

Editorial Content: Anti-American | Anti-Semitic

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anti-Semitic cartoon anti-Semitic cartoon

anti-American cartoon

anti-American cartoon


  • "Mr. Bush, if you truly believe that Sharon, the indiscriminate murderer and oppressor of Palestinian youths, children and elderly men, is a man of peace then it is the end to peace….I also warn you that Muslims and Arabs look forward to the hour when Allah removes from their ruler's hearts their fears of you. Than they will open the road to Palestine for a jihad which will ultimately lead them to the Paradise they yearn for even as you fear death." (editorial, English-language "Arab News," April 20, 2002)

  • "I need to tell the president of the United States, 'Mr. President, for G-d's sake don't talk like an evil man who cannot escape from an evil choice. It is better to be dumb than to speak like an evil accomplice who financed Zionist warlords and launched an evil crusade against Muslims everywhere…"

  • "The bitter truth, of course, is that the Bush White House is not interested in understanding the realities of history. White House involvement is driven simply by the domestic political need to keep Zionist opinion sweet back home, in the face of this year's mid-term elections. Therefore, any American voting the Republican ticket is effectively marking his voting with Palestinian blood." (editorial, English-language "Arab News," April 18, 2002)

  • "In fact, US policy has trod on our dignity and given no thought to our existence. The Israelis are not alone. The Israelis are nothing without Uncle Sam's blind support for their expansionist policies. The US president has proven to be a dedicated public relations representative for Israel. He has also become an official spokesman for the Jewish state." (editorial, English-language "Arab News," April 8, 2002)

  • "The Americans, who also have the power to rein in Sharon, are willing dupes for his terrorist rhetoric and anyway have a political system shot through with Zionist sympathizers. Even if Bush actually understood what was going on, his political masters would never dare enrage the US Zionists and thus jeopardize a second term for their man in the White House." (editorial, English-language "Arab News," April 7, 2002)


  • "The Israelis know that they are in no shape to take on the whole Muslim world. For this reason they are depending on their Zionist assets in the united States to thoroughly demonize Islam and the Muslims and in the process reinvigorate a 'Crusader" mentality throughout the West." (news article, English-language "Arab News," May 1, 2002)

  • "Why are they (the Jews) hated by all the people which hosted them, such as Iraq and Egypt thousands of years ago, and Germany, Spain, France and the UK, up to the days they gained power over the capital and the press, in order to rewrite history?" (article, Arabic-language "Ar-Riyadh," April 15, 20002)

  • "But the notion that the Israelis are reacting with blind, brainless fury is less horrifying than the idea that Sharon has a solution in mind. For is he does, it looks all too chillingly like a 'final solution": the permanent eradication, one way or another, of the Palestinians as a threat to Israel.

    The use of such a charged expression is fully justified… There is no doubt now that behind Sharon's aggression is a deep hatred of the Palestinians and a desire to crush them mercilessly. It is telling that the main piece of weaponry in the Israeli onslaught is not the tank but the bulldozer. The aim is to wipe Palestinian communities off the face of the map.

    The irony of Israeli soldiers spreading death and destruction in Palestinian towns and villages, just like jackbooted Nazi storm troopers, is evident to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. But whether or not Sharon's violence has an objective, it is painfully evident that he feels he has a free hand. The US has gone along with his brainless action, in no small part because of a chilling indifference across much of the US to the suffering of Palestinians. American public opinion, which can move mountains when activated, is not interested." (editorial, English-language "Arab News," April 14, 2002)

  • "Life stopped in 'Israel' yesterday for two minutes (ed: for Holocaust Memorial Day siren) while the warning siren whistled all over the occupied territories of Palestine, in memory of the 6 million Jews, about whom 'Israel' lies saying that they were killed in the Nazi crematoriums during the World War II." (article, Arab-language "Ar-Riyadh," April 10, 2002)

  • "Far from shying away from behavior that has made the world draw analogies between them and the Nazis who persecuted their Jewish brethren during the World War II, the Israeli Army yesterday launched a campaign of mass executions against Palestinians….Once again, Israel's economic, political and military backer, the United States, remained silent in the face of such outrage." (news article, English-language "Arab News," April 1, 2002)
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