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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Syrian Times: Zionism Reproduces Nazism Under a New Guise

"Zionism Reproduces Nazism" by R. Zein
English language Syria Times, September 5, 2001 (reproduced in entirety)

Posted: September 5, 2001

Note: This article from the tightly government-controlled Syrian Media is an example of the anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, anti-Israel propaganda coming from official sources. It is part of an ongoing campaign throughout the Arab World aimed at inflaming public opinion against Israel and Jews.)

What is going on in the occupied Palestinian territories, where Israeli anti-Palestinian genocide, killing, destruction and oppression have been at full swing, is an irrefutable evidence that Zionism and its off-shoot Israel are reminiscent of Nazism. Many analysts and observers confirm that crimes being committed by the Israeli occupation army of the government of butcher Ariel Sharon against the unarmed Palestinian people have exceeded those perpetrated by Hitler.

It is not an exaggeration to say then that Zionism re-produces Nazism under a new guise of alleged "peace and security" banners, and that Sharon is embodying -if not actually representing- Hitlerism. Racist Sharon was always repeating the saying : "If I became a prime minister, I would wipe out all Arabs, kill every newly-born Palestinian baby and knife the abdomen of every woman who is pregnant from an Arab. Those dogs should not be close to the chosen people of god"!! When Sharon was a war minister in 1982, he was quoted as saying about Israel's sphere of influence: "It is the region that includes the strategic interests of Israel and which covers all adjacent Arab areas in addition to Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Northern Africa and even Zimbabwe"!

During the election campaign for a premiership, Sharon addressed the Israelis by stressing that: "Genociding the Arabs and killing them are the only weapon in dealing with them. There will not be peace between us and the Arabs as our future is built only by wiping them out. Keeping one Arab alive in the region is a dagger in the back of Israel"!! Sharon outlined his racist and criminal policy by saying: "The might of Israel lies in occupying the lands of the Arabs and in expelling them. We shall terminate them individual after individual without making them feel we are killing them"! Bloodthirsty Sharon was enthusiastic enough when he told Israeli would-be voters: "Give me power for a short time and I will show you what to do with the Arabs"!!

Sharon is now in power as a premier and is representing the Israelis as their chosen leader. He is in fact keeping his promises and continues to carry out savage attacks against the unarmed Palestinians, to shoot out youngsters of the Palestinian uprising, to mastermind the policy of assassination against Palestinian leaders and uprising activists and to eventually wiping out the Palestinian people. The policy of Sharon and his ilk, which is based on the racist and expansionist ideology of Zionism, is unquestionably a Nazi one. Almost all Israeli leaders are war-lords and war criminals. The history of Israel, which was established on the use of brutal force and on the debris of the native Arab population of Palestine, is abundant with massacres and crimes perpetrated against the Arabs, especially the Palestinians. The massacres of Deir Yassin, Qibieh, Kafar Qassem, Da'el, Bahr al-Baqar, Sabra and Shatilla, Hebron, Jerusalem and Qana are few examples that cannot be forgotten. Israel's state policy of terrorism, genocide and cold-blood killing which has been at full swing under the pretexts of security and other groundless allegations is the racist back bone of the Zionist movement and Israel. Going through what the Nazis did against the Jews would reach the clear conclusion that criminal acts of the Nazis are not different from those being carried out by the racist and Zionist Israelis. Like what the Nazi ideology was based on racial superiority, Zionism based its ideology on the "chosen people of god". Both Nazism and Zionism represent two faces of the same coin as each derives it ideology from racism, genocide and terrorism. Both are strong advocates of racist killing and both deny basic rights of other peoples and openly disregard human principles.

Butcher Sharon and his criminal ilk and the Israeli military establishment will, like the Nazi Hitlerism, certainly undergo a smashing defeat sooner or later. The wheel of history cannot go backward. Victory will be to those fighting for liberation, freedom and progress. The human principles of right, justice and equality will have the upper hand irrespective of time and great sacrifices. The steadfast Palestinian people and their bold uprising as well as national Arab forces will continue to resist occupation and mount the struggle until all forms of Israel's occupation and aggression are terminated, usurped Arab rights and lands are fully recovered and a just and comprehensive Middle East peace based on the prestigious resolutions of the international legitimacy is eventually materialized.

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