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Arab Druze and Jewish Students Work Together to Eliminate Stereotypes

Posted: May 31, 2012

For the third year, ADL's Israel Office brought together Arab Druze and Jewish students for a series of programs aimed at breaking down stereotypes and building better relationships between the two groups.

Druze students from the northern village of Beit Ja'an and Jewish students from the nearby city of Carmiel participated in ADL's The A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute. These students, who live in neighboring towns have few opportunities to interact, so the ADL project is an opportunity to meet and discuss common interests.

After a few separate workshops in each school where issues of bias and prejudice were discussed, students meet each other in their respective schools. In March, "Ha'Reut" school in Carmiel hosted the Druze students for activities that help build trust and common values. 

Two months later, the culminating event took place in Beit Ja'an. The day started with a PowerPoint presentation prepared by the Druze students, explaining their religion and village, then the Druze mothers prepared a traditional meal and lastly, ADL facilitators led activities. The students from both schools signed identical pledges, which was given to each school and hung in a place of honor. 

One of the students said the year-long program, "My heart was joyful every time I took part in the workshop. These activities will leave a mark in my heart."

ADL's Israel Office has held the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute with various groups, especially youth who will be the leaders of the future, to build a society based on equality and mutual respect. 

Photographer: David Blumenfeld

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