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Alex Curtis: 'Lone Wolf' of Hate Prowls the Internet RULE 'By Whatever Means Necessary'

Posted: January 1, 2000

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In a personal diary entry from 1993, later obtained by police, Curtis wrote, "I plan to make it my life's goal to rid the Earth of the unwanted un-Aryan elements, by whatever means necessary and possible." Curtis openly discusses assassination as a realistic and desirable possibility. "Lone wolves who are smart...and commit to action in a cold-mannered way can accomplish virtually any task before them, certainly any assassination if that is their wish," he states in his November 24, 1999, "Weekly Racist Broadcast."

Nor is Curtis concerned with how the public will react to such activity: "we are already too far along to try to educate the white masses and we cannot worry about [their] reaction to lone wolf/small cell strikes."

Apparently for the benefit of racists not sure of whom to attack, Curtis posts on his Web site a chart that claims to help readers "intelligently judge the effectiveness of proposed acts against the enemy." Curtis copied the chart, which he titles "Lone Wolf Point System," from Louis Beam's book, Essays of a Klansman, which he calls "possibly the most radical racist book ever published." A former Ku Klux Klan and current Aryan Nations leader, Beam is a leading advocate of anti-government action in the white supremacist movement.

The "Lone Wolf Point System" assigns point values to various targets. "Policy Formulation and Decision Making Leaders of International Satanic anti-Christ

"The principal characteristic of biological agents that could make their use attractive to terrorists is their extreme toxicity..."
 -Curtis' The Nationalist Observer, June 2000
Conspiracy for control of the world" are each worth one full point. Members of Congress are each valued at one-fifth of one point. The Director of the FBI carries a reward of one-sixth of one point, and "lone wolves" earn 1/12 of one point for each national leader of the NAACP. A racist who collects one full point earns the designation "Aryan Warrior," one-third of one point merits the title "Commando," and so on.

Curtis has also contemplated illegal drug sales as a way to further a racist revolution. In his March 23, 2000, weekly telephone message, he states that "some quietly suggest the bulk of heroin coming into central Europe now is courtesy of the KLA [Kosovo Liberation Army]."

"Together, fear and loathing will escalate any conflict to uncontrollable violence."
 -Curtis' Weekly Racist Update, July 27, 2000
Curtis then wonders, "Hmmm, control on the ground of a large enough area to keep both national and international authorities out of one's hair...say big chunks of Idaho, or Iowa, someday...where the biggest damn crack labs you could ever imagine might be established as a going concern. Imagine how many RPGs [grenade launchers] and anti-helicopter 'shoulder holsters' WE could then buy...courtesy of black consumers we ultimately plan on feeding Brucine-laced [poisonous] 'crack-bait' when THAT time comes!" In his April 6, 2000, weekly telephone message, Curtis states that he is "simply leaving the option of crack distribution open to all interested parties who need finances and realize that 99 percent of crack is consumed by niggers."

Even the use of biological weapons is not beyond Curtis's consideration. On the front page of his June 2000 Nationalist Observer magazine is a story entitled "Biology for Aryans." Its first line: "The principal characteristic of biological agents that could make their use attractive to terrorists is their extreme toxicity, even compared to other weapons of mass destruction." The article goes on to describe the lethal properties of "Type-A botulinal toxin" (which "can be produced for about $400 per kilogram"), anthrax and "typhoid culture." "The smaller quantities of agent needed on account of their lethality help reduce the costs and complexity of their production or other acquisition," the author writes, "in turn eliminating the necessity for a large infrastructure of personnel and facilities, which in turn eases the problem of security and avoidance of detection." The article notes that "even with relatively small-scale attacks," biological warfare is "virtually DESIGNED to cause the populace to lose all confidence in and allegiance to their own governments, apparently no longer in control."

In a July 2000 E-mail message to his supporters, Curtis describes the extensive anti-terrorism training of various United States military outfits. However, he explains, "even 'our' Army appears unprepared for at least two scenarios": the use of biological weapons and the dismemberment of female troops. "These are the weaknesses we will have to exploit," Curtis asserts, "using the 'little biology' of microbes and the 'big biology' of assault, mutilation...and general atrocity. The first generates fear, the second loathing. Together, fear and loathing will escalate any conflict to uncontrollable violence."

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