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Alex Curtis: 'Lone Wolf' of Hate Prowls the Internet RULE Message Behind Bars

Posted: January 1, 2000

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In Curtis's world, racist criminals who have been arrested and convicted become esteemed "Aryan Prisoners of WAR," racists trapped "behind the Jew-Government's Bars." Curtis claims that one out of every three readers of his magazine is incarcerated, and he boasts of having more friends in California prisons than he does "at large."
Drawing depicting a prison waving a flag with the star of David
Curtis' website pays tribute to "Aryan POWs," racists trapped "behind the Jew-Government's Bars."

In a February 2000 "Racial Reader's Forum" message, he wrote, "I [spent] much of yesterday cramping up my hand as I hand write the addresses of prisoners on the envelopes for those who write in for a free copy of my magazine. About a hundred a month, every month. And they are long, complex addresses with bunks and a lot of bad penmanship. But I know that prisoners really appreciate my magazine and they share it with their friends."

Curtis encourages visitors to his Web site to follow his lead by sending letters of support and money to racist prisoners. The "Aryan POWs" page on his site features an essay by Richard Scutari and lists mailing addresses for dozens of racist prisoners. Among those included are Burmeister, Gilliam, Thill, the incarcerated members of The Order, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, World Church of the Creator members George Loeb and Jules Fettu, and Joseph Paul Franklin, the racist serial murderer to whom National Alliance leader William Pierce dedicated his novel Hunter.

Curtis also wants to help those who are accused of committing hate crimes stay out of prison in the first place. The so-called "5 Words" -- "I have nothing to say" -- are what Curtis suggests racist criminals say when they are arrested and tried. He hopes that his advice will get them acquitted on account of a lack of evidence, reduce the sentences they receive, or at the very least prevent them from incriminating their associates. "Talking adds to the evidence that the FBI or police may use," Curtis writes. "When you are arrested you are told that, 'Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.' There is never anything you can say to the ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government] that will help your case, only hurt."

The special "Security Issue" of Curtis's Nationalist Observer magazine includes an essay by White Aryan Resistance leader Tom Metzger, "Never Testify Before a Grand Jury." Metzger argues that "taking the Fifth" before a grand jury and receiving a two-year jail term for contempt of court is "better than a 20- or 50-year sentence for talking." "Never talk to a Grand Jury even when faced with contempt of court," Curtis advises his readers. "No exceptions."

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Alex Curtis: In His Own Words
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