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Alex Curtis: 'Lone Wolf' of Hate Prowls the Internet RULE Calling For Unity

Posted: January 1, 2000

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Curtis has established himself as a leading voice among extremists in part because he promotes a message of unity among white supremacists. Like Tom Metzger, Curtis strongly believes that "white racialists"
Curtis' Nationalist Observer logo, 'White Power'
Curtis' Nationalist Observer logo,
'White Power'
should work together to forward their goals. By advocating "unity" among his fellow racists, he manages to avoid the internal and inter-organizational feuding that characterizes much of the extreme right.

Subscribers to his E-mail mailing list include activists who believe in a variety of extremist ideologies, including skinheads and other neo-Nazis, Identity believers and pagan white supremacists. Their differences in "philosophy" are mere distractions, according to Curtis: he contends that all racists who "put White Racial survival as their highest priority are members of the White Nation."

Curtis not only refuses to get involved in arguments among activists adhering to different philosophies, he also discourages his readers from joining racist organizations altogether, urging them instead to become "lone wolves." In a January 5, 1999, E-mail to his subscribers, Curtis explains, "The Nationalist Observer is not a membership organization, or even an organization for that matter. Organizations are unnecessary and serve to entertain and, therefore, pacify activists. They also draw in their members to legal problems and law suits. Lone-wolf activists get much more done, if they have what it takes."

While Curtis may oppose membership organizations for extremists, his Internet forum is popular with activists from such groups. The "Racial Reader's Forum" functions as an effective and inexpensive marketing tool for the white supremacists who write to Curtis, allowing them to announce rallies, solicit subscriptions for their publications, and form alliances with other racists.

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Alex Curtis: In His Own Words
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