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Alex Curtis: 'Lone Wolf' of Hate Prowls the Internet RULE Virulent Anti-Semitism

Posted: January 1, 2000

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Alex Curtis's intense hatred for Jews is evident in nearly everything he writes. It is best summed up by his "Racist Glossary" definition of Jews: "A member or adherent to the cultural conspiracy that acts as a parasite to overthrow White cultural traditions and destroy the White Race." Curtis asserts that Jews have corrupted whites using the media to convert them into "comfort-loving cowards" who "sit passively" while Jews and minorities seize power.

"I will never condemn an act, no matter how severe and savage, against the Jews,"
     - Alex Curtis

"I will say that to understand how power is held and wielded in this nation, one must understand the Jew.... Jews are only doing what their genetic programming is telling them after evolving into the ultimate parasite over [thousands] of years of leeching off other nations."

Curtis's obsession with Jews and their alleged control of the government includes a relentless preoccupation with the Anti-Defamation League. Curtis regularly uses his E-mail messages and weekly telephone message to attack ADL and its staff using vaguely threatening language: "The ADL will soon be a footnote in history. Give us a little more time and the Jewish race will be but a footnote as well." Referring to ADL's San Diego Regional Director in a February 1999 hotline message, Curtis said, "I'm surprised he hasn't received a good dose of Aryan justice yet. But things have a tendency to come back at Jews and with a vengeance when it does. It's only a matter of time." On at least one occasion, leaflets bearing Curtis's hotline number were found littered in the parking lot adjacent to ADL's San Diego Office. Curtis also devotes an entire section of his Web site to a specious account of ADL's history and purpose, and blames the League for police raids on his home.

No matter which Jewish groups or individuals Curtis singles out for his anti-Semitic vituperation, his writings always portray Jews in the crudest terms and are replete with violent fantasies of their destruction. The Nationalist Observer Web site's "Tribute to Jewry" consists of a picture of "Jew York City" being destroyed by an atomic bomb under the caption, "the quickest way to exterminate 6 million vermin!"

Curtis, who considers himself a National Socialist, expresses open admiration for Hitler. "Hitler and many of his men, especially Rosenberg and Dietrich, were brilliant Aryans and the closest we have seen to white saviors as you can get," he writes. Yet Curtis, unlike many other Hitler supporters, does not engage in Holocaust denial, which he sees as a distraction. "It is a fact 'claimed' by revisionists that Anne Frank's pen had not been invented before her death," he writes.

"Hitler and many of his men ... were brilliant Aryans and the closest we have seen to white saviors as you can get..." - Alex Curtis

"I'm not sure about the validity of it. I'm certainly not up nights thinking about it. I don't think it makes any difference to the survival of our Race. We should let the non-racist revisionists waste their time on such questions and stick to the Race issue."

When Curtis does refer to the claims of Holocaust deniers, he uses them as a springboard to express his open contempt for Jews: "First, I don't care about the six million dead kikes. I'd rather see a web page that says if it didn't happen -- it should." Elsewhere, he writes that "no honest White man or woman who values their Race and hates the enemy who destroy it, as Jews do, should give a moral hoot about whether six million [Jews] received a dose of Aryan justice in the last major offensive.... What's wrong with slaying a racial enemy when it infects our living space?"

Curtis places particular blame on the Jews for promoting multiculturalism which, he feels, is the root cause of America's "racial problems." Given his disdain for ethnic diversity, the only solutions to these "problems" that he finds acceptable are the separation of the races or the extermination of non-whites. Because "the integration of the races and the massive mud immigration would not have come about without the factor of the kikes being among our people," Curtis advocates "forcible" separation of Jews from whites or "extermination" of the Jews.

"I will never condemn an act, no matter how severe and savage, against the Jews," Curtis writes, referring to Buford Furrow's shooting rampage at a Jewish day-care center. "Jews will never elicit pity from me or The Nationalist Observer."

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