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Barack Obama Targeted by Extremists on the Internet RULE Jewish control of Obama

Posted: June 23, 2008

White supremacist anger about Obama's candidacy
Assassination of Obama
Jewish control of Obama
Obama's alleged ties to radicals and extremists

Updated: October 31, 2008

As is often the case, posters to extremist forums voice the anti-Semitic belief that Jews are controlling events, and manipulating both Barack Obama and the 2008 Presidential race.

Obama helped by "Jewish-run" media and government


In an October 2008 post to his Website, David Duke argues of both McCain and Obama that "they are simply in the pockets of the Jewish extremist financial network, the all powerful Jewish Lobbies like AIPAC, and the Jewish-dominated mass media! They don't listen to the vast majority of the American people…" 


In another post to his Website that month, Duke wrote that "Obama has prostrated himself at the feet of the Jewish Lobby and the extremists who run Israel. His biggest single source of campaign money comes from the hyper-globalist, Zionist, international banking house of Goldman Sachs..."


In an October post to the forum of the neo-Nazi American National Socialist Worker's Party, neo-Nazi figure Philip Anderson invoked the anti-Semitic claim that a "Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG)" exists and controls world events, specifically concerning media and the election. Anderson wrote, "zogs [sic] media is declaring that Obama is gonna win all the states that Kerry did, and McCain is only set to win a handful of states Bush won. In reality the media is just pushing Obama forward trying to set his victory."

In a September 2008 speech, Erich Gliebe, the leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, stated, "Without exception, every White political leader knows about the power of the Jews. They know that the Jews call the shots in the media world and that the Jews therefore effectively manage the elections by guiding the electorate into voting for this candidate or that. These White political leaders also know that the Jewish lobby carries the biggest stick in Washington…"


Also in September 2008, Bill White released a draft of an article to be included in that month's issue of his magazine. The article explained, "The truth is that Obama is a creature of the Jews, a Jewish - communist alternative to the Jewish - Zionist's candidate John McCain, and everything about his campaign and its methods underscores this point."


In July 2008, "Thunderhead" on Stormfront suggested that "Jews in media" were responsible for a controversial New Yorker cover which depicted Obama as a Muslim extremist. The post stated, "Characterizing Obama as a Muslim terrorist tells me that enough Jews in media are against him to sway the vote toward McCain." Another individual on Stormfront, suggesting that Jews were behind the magazine cover, wrote in a July 2008 post, "Some neocon Jew from the Council on Foreign Relations probably greased some palms there."


In June 2008, Tyrannicide talked about the Jews "running" Obama "behind the scenes."


How do you think they're going to feel when BO is elected, there he sits in the Oval Office with Michelle crawling around on the floor and getting her fleas all in the carpet, and he turns out to be nothing more than a sock puppet for the smart Jews who have been running him from behind the scenes all along? You know, the mysterious pale-skinned backers who came up with that $250 million no one quite seems to know where he got? (Or is even asking?)


On Stormfront, one poster, named "Norman in the Army," extended Jewish control over the election process to John McCain's campaign, as well, writing in June 2008, "I don't want McCain or Obama to be the president. They're both New World Order candidates and are on the payroll of the Jews. You're throwing your vote away if you choose either candidate. This election is rigged. The Zionist have [sic] set it up to where either person will take us further into bondage."

That same month, "Wolf," another Stormfront poster commented, "Obama has shown itself [sic] to be a good slave for the jew scum."


A person using the name "Valkoinen," posted to the forum of the neo-Nazi American National Socialist Worker's Party in May 2008 that Obama's recounting of his uncle's experience in World War II is evidence that "Obviously Obama only came out with this story to try and win over the Jews. All the candidates have to show they love Jews."

Obama's alleged Jewish ties used against whites

Since March 2008, Bible Study Site, a Web site dedicated to the racist and anti-Semitic religion Christian Identity, has been posting material to a page featuring negative writings about Obama. The virulently anti-Semitic site attributes the success of Obama's campaign to "Judaics" who have instilled "white guilt" into non-Jewish Americans.  One statement on the site says:

[Y]ou cannot deny that White America is being phased out purposely… And where do these goofs get this self-hatred from?  From the Judaic intellectuals, of course (who do not identify themselves as 'of the White race' but rather as a separate race they call 'Jews')… [T]he International Judaics have craftily succeeded in creating an artificial balance of power in America between the 68% population of Whites and the 13% population of Blacks… They are playing America and the Western Christian nations like a harp, fundamentally altering our accepted and traditional social norms, turning us into a people that God would be want to despise… Those evil seducing people are the International Judaics and their lackeys, both their 'lesser brethren Judaics' and their 'useful idiot Gentiles'… It has been stated (but not sufficiently documented at this time for my liking) that Barak [sic] Obama's mother was a Communist Jewess, which would actually go a long way to explaining much about Obama.

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