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Barack Obama Targeted by Extremists on the Internet RULE White supremacist anger about Obama's candidacy

Posted: June 23, 2008

White supremacist anger about Obama's candidacy
Assassination of Obama
Jewish control of Obama
Obama's alleged ties to radicals and extremists

Contempt for Obama's run for the presidency figures strongly on white supremacist Internet forums.  Posters on those forums rail against Obama and talk of the upheaval that would ensue if he were elected President.

"Pandering" to Jews and Israel


One frequent claim is that Obama is allegedly pandering to the will of the Jews and Israel, and, if elected, he will act on behalf of the Jewish "lobby."


In an October 2008 post to his Web site, anti-Semite and white supremacist David Duke claimed that "Obama has prostrated himself at the feet of the Jewish Lobby and the extremists who run Israel." In an earlier October post, Duke argued that Obama and McCain "are trying to outdo each other in going against American true interests on behalf of Israel."

Also in October 2008, Bill White, who leads the Virginia-based American National Socialist Worker's Party, a neo-Nazi group, posted an article to his Website that alleged, "If elected to office, Barack Obama plans to work with the Jew communists who support him to commit acts of genocide against the same white working class he seeks to appeal to."


Predicting race warfare


In October 2008, individuals posting to the forum of the Hammerskin Nation, one of the most violent and best-organized neo-Nazi skinhead groups in the United States, discussed the possible assassination of Obama if he is elected, and they predicted that members of the black community will riot if McCain becomes President. "Bald Bastard 1488" wrote, "If he [Obama[ wins, ni--ers are going to get ten times more brazen and uppity…If Obama loses to McCain on the other hand, the ni--ers will probably scream about some racist conspiracy and start rioting across the country…So lock and load either way."


Also in October 2008, Dan Gayman, a Missouri-based leader in the racist and anti-Semitic Christian Identity religious sect, sent out a mailing attacking Obama as the "Obomination of Desolation." He wrote that Obama's possible election would "mark the beginning of the end for the American nation, civilization, and culture, as we have known it." Democratic control of all branches of government, Gayman wrote, will lead to disenfranchisement of "the Caucasian Population of America for all time to come!"

As is often the case, extremists translate the sentiments they express on anti-Semitic Websites and forums into real-world activity.
In September 2008, members of the League of American Patriots, a New Jersey-based white supremacist group, placed racist fliers in New Jersey neighborhoods concerning Obama's candidacy. The fliers reportedly questioned, "Do You Want A Black President?" and "Why should we seal our fate by allowing a black ruler to destroy us?" They also stated that "Black Ruled Nations [sic] most unstable and violent in the world" and pictured Obama with a beard and turban. Founded in March 2008, the League of American Patriots espouses a white supremacist, anti-immigrant ideology.


In a September 2008 post to the Vanguard News Network (VNN), a forum popular among white supremacists and anti-Semites, an individual stated his intentions if a race war breaks out after the election: "Bring it on ni--ers! The first twenty I'm gonna skin and stretch out on 'X' stakes like a fence in my front yard (like the 'scarecrows' in the forbidden zone shown in the openning of Planet of the Apes). I got bad voodoo for you monkeyshines."


Hal Turner, a New Jersey-based white supremacist, made a post to his blog in September 2008, suggesting that Obama is a "half-breed" and a "sub-human," who will lead the United States into "failures" similar to those experienced by other "black-run failed states."  He stated:


I do not want a half-breed negro prancing around the White House in a loin cloth, smoking crack…I see no reason at all to allow a Communistic negro to occupy the most powerful political office on earth. I see no reason at all to allow a sub-human to do for the United States, what his sub-human pals have done in their countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa and other black-run failed states…Wherever blacks run things, those things are totally corrupt, grossly dysfunctional and ultimately, complete failures.


Racist ramblings


In a July 2008 post to VNN, an individual named "Sgruber" began a discussion thread by suggesting "Obama" as a "New Word For Ni--er:"


Try it out. "An Obama stole my watch." "A drunk-ass Obama yelled in the street last night." "Three Obamas are walking down the middle of the street." "A bunch of Obamas are torching cars in France." Omit the article when referring to a specific Obama: "Obama beat the hell out of her." "Obama filed a racial harassment lawsuit." Don't stop using the word "ni--er"...or "shine"...or "mooncricket"...etc. But, change it up now and then with the new word for ni--er: "OBAMA" [sic]


In a June 2008 post to Stormfront, another forum popular among white supremacists and anti-Semites, "Eastcoast Warrior" suggests that Obama seeks the destruction of the White race: "Obama is a commie leftist who knows that by banning guns innocent Whites will be at the mercy of illegally armed black thugs. It's part of his agenda to destroy the White race."


In a comment Wild_Bill_Hyde"

Did anyone else catch that arrogant ass this past weekend? So help me - he was actually bobbing up and down just like a rooster and bragging & boasting of how "in 2016 - he'll be wrapping up two terms as President." What an insufferable ego-maniacal blow-hard! Couldn't even win but 6 of the last 15 primaries or match Hillary overall in total votes but in his afro-centric fantasy-world he's already won 2 terms! This past weekend Barack Hussein was really letting his Ni--er Flag FLY! An Obama nation is an abomination.

Hal Turner wrote in March 2008:

After all, do we really want a mixed-race, mongrel negro, half-breed in the most powerful political office on the planet? I can see it now, Barak [sic] Obama doing for America what Robert Mugabe did for Zimbabwe. . .or what Nelson Mandella [sic] did for South Africa. . . skyrocketing crime, disease and a collapsed economy. No thanks.

On another thread on the VNN forum entitled "Obama will form an all black police force and will round you all up and water board u," an individual named "brain" wrote in June 2008, "You know it's coming. If you're not scared then you're stupid. As soon as they can do it, they will. They are chomping at the bit. They have real military training, they can buy real law enforcement weapons, you can't. run, run, hide. you are the rabbit, quit sticking your chest out."

Continuing with this theme, in a June 2008 article entitled "A Black Flag for White America," David Duke wrote, "In auto racing, a black flag is the signal used for the car to go to the pits. Barack Obama winning the Democrat Nomination is a black flag for America, a sign of where we as a people and nation are heading…to the pits."


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