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Bill White RULE Getting His Message Out

Posted: November 18, 2009

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Getting His Message Out

Prior to his imprisonment, neo-Nazi figure Bill White utilized a number of tactics to spread his views.


  • Magazine publication. Prior to his arrest, White published a monthly magazine, National Socialist, in which he demonized Jews and other minorities, promoted the work of other white supremacists and Holocaust deniers, and attacked his enemies.


  • Internet site, forum, radio show. White made prolific posts on Web sites he ran including "Overthrow" and one under the name of his neo-Nazi group, the American National Socialist Worker's Party (ANSWP). His posts often used vitriolic language to describe Jews and other minority groups, and they frequently revealed personal information about his enemies, implicitly encouraging others to take violent action against them. White also maintained a discussion forum for ANSWP members and supporters and delivered Internet radio broadcasts.


  • Making threats and posting personal information of enemies to the Internet. On several occasions, White has made threats against individuals he hates or who he perceives as personal enemies. His list of targets has included a Canadian civil rights attorney, a columnist for the Virginia-based Roanoke Times newspaper, and a New Jersey mayor.


  • Criticizing Other Neo-Nazi Leaders and Groups. By and large, individuals in the neo-Nazi movement view White as an agitator. He targets Jews, blacks, and other minorities, as well as his own personal enemies in the white supremacist movement. As a result of the latter, White has little respect in white supremacist circles.


  • Intimidating residents of/near his rental properties. White was also active as a real estate developer, under his self-titled entity, White Homes and Land LLC. His strategy was to purchase and make improvements to homes and other properties facing foreclosure in the Roanoke, Virginia area. He then attempted to rid the area of its minority tenants by refusing to lease to them. He reportedly intimidated them with ethnic insults and by walking around the area with a gun and wearing a bulletproof vest.


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