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Bill White RULE Leadership

Posted: November 18, 2009

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American National Socialist Workers Party

Prior to his imprisonment, neo-Nazi Bill White served as the "Commander" of the American National Socialist Worker's Party (ANSWP), a Virginia-based neo-Nazi group that he founded in the summer of 2006.

With a small group of followers across the country divided into "chapters," White published a monthly magazine entitled National Socialist, maintained a Web site and Internet forum, and staged events with the purpose of demonizing Jews and non-white minorities. White received the support of some former leaders of the National Socialist Movement (the largest neo-Nazi group in the country of which White was once a leader) who joined ANSWP.

By and large, the group has an insignificant presence in the neo-Nazi movement, and many neo-Nazis want nothing to do with White, whom they view as an agitator and publicity seeker.

National Socialist Movement

Prior to forming ANSWP, White was a leader in the National Socialist Movement (NSM), often representing the face of the group to the media. He acted as the group's spokesperson when a planned NSM march led to riots in Toledo, Ohio, in October 2005, and attracted national media attention.

White was responsible for some of the tensions that caused infighting in the NSM in the spring and summer of 2006. He was also largely behind a rift between the NSM and the Vinlanders, a racist skinhead group. His taunts against the Vinlanders on his own Web site led to a brawl between members of the two groups at Nordicfest, a white power event in Kentucky in May 2006.

White's derogatory comments toward the Vinlanders and others in the white supremacist movement led many extremists to question why the NSM kept him on as a leader. In early July 2006, NSM leader Jeff Schoep and then chairman Cliff Herrington gave White a 30-day suspension and reprimanded him for his disruptive behavior and attacks on other members in the white power movement. White claimed that he then resigned from the group; NSM reported that he was expelled for insubordination.

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