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Feminism Perverted: Extremist Women on the World Wide Web RULE More Traditional Roles

Posted: January 1, 2000

Echoing Male Counterparts
Calling for "Equality" to Promote White Supremacy
More Traditional Roles

In contrast, other Internet documents composed by women promote child rearing and other "domestic" tasks as women's greatest contribution to the "movement."

"Knews" Klan E-mail Newsletter

Writing in the "Knews" Klan E-mail newsletter (which is distributed by the North Carolina-based Knights of the Ku Klux Klan), Jo Kinder announced that "nothing can be more important to our cause" than taking time to teach white children "pride in their heritage." She urges women to "return to the old ways of our people" by becoming "the nurturing, caring, and bringers of life and knowledge necessary for our future." Claiming women "do not need organizations to defend" them, Kinder describes a female "birthright to inspire our men and children in the hope of a glorious future."

Women for Aryan Unity

Echoing Hitler's view that women should focus on "Kirche, Küche, Kinder" (church, kitchen, children), the Women for Aryan Unity Web site urges racist women to "stand by" their husbands by keeping their home, providing for their "comfort," and indoctrinating their children with hate. Encouraging women to focus on "midwifery," "survival cooking," and "education," the site instructs racist women to take up weapons and sound the "battle cry" only if their husbands "fall." These women are upset that they have been taught they "are no longer needed in the home as wives and mothers" and angered that they "have been forced to compete with men for the males' jobs."

World Church of the Creator
Women's Frontier

The WCOTC Women's Frontier site presents an "Interview with Reverend Michelle Wilson." Though Wilson has taken a leadership position in WCOTC, she believes that women should take such positions only to bide the time until they settle down and have children. When asked about the
role of women, Wilson asserted, "Women play the very important role of bringing as many White children into the world as they possibly can properly care and provide for."

Her Race

While some articles at the Her Race Web site promote extremist women's political activism, others advocate more "traditional" female roles. Kate Bell offers a detailed account of childbirth in "Birth of a White Child," asserting that she's "actually doing something that helps our cause" by giving birth to white children. "The Perfect Match" by Lisa Turner offers advice on how to find a good "Aryan" husband, and "Race Mixing" by Zennia urges white women to stay away from non-white males. "The Truth About Sesame Street" by Lisa Turner calls on white women to stop their children from watching that television program because it promotes tolerance; the article also characterizes Sesame Street's creator as a supporter of "the New World Order."

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