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Feminism Perverted: Extremist Women on the World Wide Web RULE Calling for "Equality" to Promote White Supremacy

Posted: January 1, 2000

Echoing Male Counterparts
Calling for "Equality" to Promote White Supremacy
More Traditional Roles

While denying that Blacks, Jews and other minorities are equal to whites, many extremist women argue that they should be given the same consideration as white men in the workplace. By joining the workforce, these women believe they can better aid the white supremacist "movement."

Her Race

At the Her Race Web site, Nancy Jensen, who claims to be "a staunch National-socialist female majoring in pre-medicine at an Ivy League institution," explains that she does not "intend to solely raise children and be a house-wife." Describing staying at home in an extremely denigrating and anti-Semitic way, she states:

Nature intended that women use their brains to advance their race...For comrades to suggest that women squelch this natural instinct by solely being a house-wife, they are acting unAryan and clearly violating laws of Nature. I mean look at the Talmud -- the Jews are the ones who advocate treating women as breeding tools and property. How dare NS comrades stoop to the level of the Jews in such a manner.

Also at the Her Race Web site, Jane Burton presents an article about appropriate "Careers for White Women," such as "Lawyer," "Human Resources Worker," "Advertising Writer" and "Real Estate Agent." Telling women "the White race needs" their help, Burton writes, "You need to work; so work in the right direction!" She asks, "what well-paying, interesting jobs could you choose that would most advance your race?"

Many other racist women suggest that females should be equal partners in the extremists' struggle, even when that struggle involves violent action. Nancy Jensen believes that women who choose to lead the "movement" on the battlefield should be given the opportunity to do so. "As for the issue of women physically defending their race or country," she writes, "if they possess that desire and ability, then they should go for it."

Other sections of the Her Race Web site also promote female extremist political activism. "Diana, Love of a Princess" by Lisa Turner recognizes "the unique power a woman can have in the political world." Writing without any apparent sense of irony, Turner states that more women are "desparately needed by the white supremacist movement" because "women can represent nurturing, love, reaching out, touching, bridging a gap, and bringing a gentle, diplomatic approach to the problems at hand." She writes, "the power of love -- not just data, facts, statistics, debate and political maneuvering -- will put this movement squarely where it ought to be." The site's "White Women Hall of Fame" features information on numerous female right-wing politicians around the world, such as Pauline Hanson (Australia), Pia Kjaersgaard (Denmark), Alessandra Mussolini (Italy), and Catherine Megret (France), with whom the site's promoters identify.

World Church of the Creator Women's Frontier Newsletter

In its first E-mail newsletter, the WCOTC Women's Frontier (which is currently led by Lisa Turner) asserts that the current paucity of active white supremacist women "pleases the JOG [Jewish Occupational Government] enemy greatly." The Frontier wants to force its enemies "to contend with a true PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION -- a revolution composed equally of fighting, bonded, White Men and Women who are committed to the same goals, the same ideals." Asserting that they will "no longer play the JOG game of pretending that this is an 'all male' movement," the Frontier explains, "we are a fighting force to be reckoned with."

British National Party

Sharron Edwards, writing at the Web site of the fascist British National Party, encourages "less faint-hearted women to stand as candidates" for public office. Though she claims not to be "just another passenger on the feminist bandwagon," she believes it "only right that women join our men in the battle to alleviate the perils of the present age" and sees "the contesting of elections" as "inevitably an important part of the struggle."

Even some bigoted sites created by men promote active female participation in the "movement." Thom Robb's Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Web site features an "Aryan Women's Page" that boasts, "the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan under the leadership of David Duke was the first Klan organization to include women in its general membership." Racist Alex Curtis of San Diego wrote admiringly in his Nationalist Observer E-mail mailing about "the Countess of Martel," a violently anti-Semitic propagandist active in turn-of-the-century France. The Australian Revolutionary Movement (ARM) Web site declares, "If a woman has the desire to serve her nation in an active service role, she should be encouraged, if she desires to work alongside her male comrades, she should be commended." ARM also suggests that "if a woman can defeat a man in combat, then the woman should be revered."

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