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Feminism Perverted: Extremist Women on the World Wide Web RULE Echoing Male Counterparts

Posted: January 1, 2000

Echoing Male Counterparts
Calling for "Equality" to Promote White Supremacy
More Traditional Roles

Some hateful women on the Web echo the positions promoted by their male counterparts: opposition to non-whites, hatred of miscegenation and anger at "anti-White" control of the media.

Her Race

From the Her Race Web site comes "Gaia: Everyone's Mother" by Inga Niteau. Niteau declares, "Whites are facing extinction as more non-Whites reproduce and invade our lands." She believes "only whites have succeeded in inhibiting their animal instincts by reproducing at a rate that is balanced by the mortality rate." Niteau also asserts that "Whites have a right to have many more children than non-Caucasians."

"Lights, Camera, Action," by Lisa Turner, declares that "White people are subjected to anti-White images via television and motion pictures" because "the enemy forces have total control of the film world and movie-making business." Turner dreams of a "White people's 'Oscars'" at which whites "all sit together in a dazzling hall and applaud as our enemies do now for their lackeys."

World Church of the Creator
Women's Frontier

The World Church of the Creator (WCOTC) Women's Frontier Web site contains some of the same articles as the male-oriented World Church sites (WCOTC is a pseudo-theological extremist group that attacks Christianity, Judaism, Blacks and immigrants with equal vehemence). These documents point to Jews as Satan's children and deem Blacks and other minorities subhuman
"mud" people. "We believe it is vitally important for White people -- especially our White Sisters --
to fully understand the bizarre, disgusting and criminal behavior of the inferior mud races," explains the site in introducing "The Mud Chronicles," accounts of Black and Asian mishaps.

Women for Aryan Unity

Characterizing advocates of tolerance as "credulous, dependent, and conformist creatures," "The Aryan Struggle," an article at the Women for Aryan Unity Web site, claims that "nature has revolted against race mixing," resulting in a "sickly population." The article also asserts that those who "don't believe there is a race problem all over the world" have been cowed by "psychological conditioning and institutional dictates."

Though many of these sites bear some resemblance to those created by racist men, most women's hate sites focus on discussions about proper roles for extremist females. Interestingly, the positions voiced at these sites mirror those expressed in conventional discussions about women's roles in mainstream society, contrasting "stay-at-home" mothers with working women.

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