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Jared Taylor/American Renaissance RULE Affiliations

Posted: January 11, 2011

Recent Activity
American Renaissance

Jared Taylor maintains ties to a variety of racists and extremists, both domestically and internationally. He is on the editorial advisory board of Citizens Informer, the newspaper of the racist Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), and has contributed writings to The Occidental Quarterly a racist journal.  He has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the National Policy Institute, a self-styled racist think-tank funded by William H. Regnery, an heir to the Regnery publishing fortune and funder of racist organizations and publications. Taylor also received monetary compensation from the institute in 2005. Gordon Baum, the head of the CofCC, and J. Philippe Rushton, the president of the Pioneer Fund, which promotes eugenics and race-based science, have both been presenters at conferences hosted by Taylor's publication, American Renaissance. Taylor's conferences attract a wide range of extremists; recent attendees have included well-known racist and anti-Semite David Duke; Don Black, operator of Stormfront, a white supremacist online forum; Mark Weber, head of the Institute for Historical Review, a Holocaust denial organization; and members of various neo-Nazi groups.

The American Renaissance Website also promotes the work
of other white supremacists by selling video and audio tapes of presentations from speakers at past American Renaissance conferences, including lectures by Gordon Baum and Sam Francis, a well-known racist who died in 2005.

Taylor also has ties to European racists, including members of the British National Party (BNP), a racist, far-right political party in England and the National Front, a racist, far-right French political party. Nick Griffin, the head of the BNP, has been a speaker at two American Renaissance conferences, including the one held in 2006. Frédéric Legrand, a member of the National Front, is a frequent contributor to American Renaissance.

Taylor's portrayal of his racist views as intellectual inquiry
enables him to maintain a position as a respectable academic source for racists, many of whom frequently cite his work. He and his admirers often cite his educational background, including a Yale undergraduate degree and mastery of Japanese and French, in order to grant his and their ideas a veneer of credibility.
David Duke has posted articles written by Taylor and a review of one of Taylor's books to his Website. The Institute for Historical Review reprinted Taylor's article, "The Challenge of 'Multiculturalism'," in the Summer 1992 issue of its publication, The Journal of Historical Review. European Americans United, a neo-Nazi group, has posted Taylor's articles to its news Website. The racist Website VDare maintains a section of Taylor's articles, and the CofCC's Website designates the Website of American Renaissance as one of two "Top Websites."

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