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Extremists Allege Jewish Control of McCain, Call him a "Race Traitor" RULE Introduction

Posted: August 13, 2008

Israeli/Jewish Control
'Pandering' to Jews
'Race Traitor' and Promoter of Diversity

Updated: October 31, 2008


Anti-Semites and white supremacists, while continuing their racist attacks against Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee for president, have also aimed a similar message of hatred against his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain. The attacks, made mostly in Internet posts to extremist discussion boards, claim that McCain is a "race traitor" who is controlled by Jews and Jewish interests.


Extremists have accused McCain of betraying the white race and failing to defend the perceived interests of a white majority.  They have expressed anger that a white man would work with Jews, Latinos and other minority groups, and often cite McCain's moderate views on immigration as proof of his endorsement of a growing multicultural society that threatens the white majority.


White supremacists accuse McCain of acting as a willing pawn of Israel and the Jews, whom they view as manipulating American politics and global events to their own sinister advantage.  Much like their criticism of Obama as an agent of the Jews, extremists argue that McCain's true agenda is to benefit Israel and that, if elected, he will deploy the United States military on Israel's behalf.


The extreme right in the United States is so far out of the mainstream that it sees little difference between the major political parties, routinely referring to them collectively as "Republicrats."


Anti-Semites, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists often use blatantly hateful language and imagery to express their views on Internet forums populated with like-minded haters.  With McCain, extremists have focused on three major racist and anti-Semitic themes: that McCain is controlled by Jews; that he panders to Jewish interests and that he is a "race traitor" due to his views on immigration and his seeking votes from non-white ethnic groups.

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Extremists Attack John McCain as 'Pawn of Jews'
Barack Obama Targeted by Extremists on Internet Forums
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