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Extremists Allege Jewish Control of McCain, Call him a "Race Traitor" RULE Israeli/Jewish Control

Posted: August 13, 2008

Israeli/Jewish Control
'Pandering' to Jews
'Race Traitor' and Promoter of Diversity

Updated: October 31, 2008

Extremists take up the classic anti-Semitic myth of Jewish world domination to argue that Jews and the State of Israel control McCain, who is only their puppet. They allege that, if elected, McCain will act only in the best interests of the Jews and Israel.

In an October 2008 post to his Website, anti-Semite and racist David Duke argues that both McCain and Obama "are simply in the pockets of the Jewish extremist financial network, the all powerful Jewish Lobbies like AIPAC, and the Jewish-dominated mass media! They don't listen to the vast majority of the American people…" 

That same month, in a post to the Vanguard News Network (VNN), a white supremacist Internet forum, an anti-Semite using the name "Signal" claimed that "McCain is a Zionist, and as such is a 'jew by association'. [sic] He is absolutely no way to be considered a 'White' man…If you're supporting McCain, you're supporting the jew and you're killing our people."

In September 2008, Virginia-based neo-Nazi leader Bill White released a draft of an article to be included in that month's issue of his magazine, National Socialist. The article portrayed McCain as having "a long history of being a performing Jewish puppet," and "the Jewish – Zionist's candidate."

Also in September 2008, an individual calling himself "roy albrecht" argued that at the command of the Jews, McCain would murder a quarter of the world's population. In a post to Western Voices World News, the news Website of the neo-Nazi European Americans United group, "roy albrecht" stated, "McCain is most probably willing to murder anyone the 'Jews' tell him to…McCain no doubt would happily and slavishly kill 1/4 of the worlds [sic] population if the 'Jews' commanded it!"

In an August 2008 post to Stormfront, the most popular extremist Internet forum, one white supremacist using the name "SmokyMtnSS" alleged that Jews controlled both candidates but suggested that readers "give McInsane credit for having better jewish script writers than Obongo's." A month earlier, "Schmitty" posted to Stormfront, similarly suggesting that "The jews control both of these fools but McCain moreso [sic]."

Responding to reports that McCain may choose a Jewish running mate, one anti-Semite "T. Kadijevic" posted in August 2008 to the Vanguard News Network (VNN), a white supremacist Internet forum, that "a jew vice means he'll be pulling the strings on McCain."

Extremists also claim that, if elected, McCain will deploy the United States military on Israel's behalf. In July 2008, "Deegan," a white supremacist posting on Stormfront, suggested that under McCain, the U.S. military would be used by Israel to conduct activities similar to those of Hezbollah, a terrorist organization supported by Iran that has been responsible for deadly attacks against Israel. "Deegan" argued that "McCain is a de facto Israeli and would use the USA military for Israeli goals in the same manner that Iran uses Hezbollah."

Extremists have also argued that the Jews masterminded the controversial New Yorker cover that depicts Obama as an Islamic terrorist in an effort to conjure votes for McCain. One Stormfronter named "Spartan_WhiteKnight" suggested in a July 2008 post that "this was put on the magazine cover not as a joke, but with the intention of luring as many votes as possible away from Obamination and over to McZionist [emphasis in original]. The jews prefer McZionist because he is better for itsalie [sic] and better for jewry. McZionist is their man. That was the purpose of the cover…The New Yorker cover was for their zionist pet, John McCain."

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