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White Supremacists Vent Rage Over Obama's Win RULE Blaming the Jews

Posted: November 8, 2008

Obama Election a "Tragedy" for America
Pushing Whites to "Start a Race War"
Hoping Obama Will Not Survive
Blaming the Jews

Not surprisingly, white supremacists also found a way to focus their anger against Jews, blaming them for controlling the U.S. government and media, and promoting a multicultural society, thereby pushing Barack Obama to victory. 

Anti-Semite and racist David Duke claimed that Obama was being run by the Jews.  On his radio show on the white supremacist Internet forum Stormfront soon after Obama was elected, he stated, "I realize why Barack Obama won…Barack Obama has proven himself to be totally subservient to Israel…He's their guy, and his top advisers are Jewish extremists."


An anonymous poster in the comments section of white supremacist Hal Turner's blog alleged that Jews had ruined his country and that the Mossad would likely assassinate Obama: "Some kike will probably blow his black ass away just after shouting 'White Power!' and 'Sieg Heil!' a few times so the jewsmedia blames White 'Supremacists' for the Mossad hit as arch-Zionist Biden is sworn in. Whether McPain or Obongo won, the America that I knew and loved as a child was already dead decades ago, killed by kikes." 


"Joe Mayham," writing on the racist White Revolution Internet forum, declared, "Sure we must all realize that the president of the United States is really just a puppet in the arms of Zog [Zionist Occupied Government], nationally, or by more direct of isreal [sic], bureaucrats, and many many more. Another individual on the forum groused that "the jews have done it again. They managed to brainwash an entire generation into thinking race doesn't matter and that putting a ni--er in the White House will benefit this nation."


Some blamed alleged Jewish control of the major political parties for Obama's election. On Stormfront, "Metal Warrior" wrote that the Republicans have been "overrun by red-diaper neocon jews and their gentile allies, and they deserve to die off." "Wuzzarepublikan" added similar sentiments: "The GOP has deteriorated into a neo-con led cesspool of anti-White race traitors. In order to revitalize itself, the GOP would have to disown its jewish influences." He suggested that a third party based on "white interests" was the answer.


Similarly, "Ravencall" claimed on Stormfront that Jews exercised control over the Democrats:  "I'd call it the beginning of the end of the democrats. It's the culmination of 60 years of jewish Media propaganda and financial and political control."


 "Derrick Beukeboom," a poster on the white supremacist forum Vanguard News Network, blamed Jews for controlling the media and promoting multiculturalism, thus helping Obama to win the election.  He commented, "Obama winning is good for the jewsmedia because they can write many columns and produce many sickening programs about the black equality in the racist Amerikwan [sic] state. They will handle Obama with such kid gloves you'd think he is the messiah of the Multiculti. .."

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