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White Supremacists Vent Rage Over Obama's Win RULE Pushing Whites to "Start a Race War"

Posted: November 8, 2008

Obama Election a "Tragedy" for America
Pushing Whites to "Start a Race War"
Hoping Obama Will Not Survive
Blaming the Jews

Many white supremacists, despite their rage, felt that Barack Obama's election win would provide a catalyst that would move whites to become active on behalf of the white race.  And anger and frustration led a number of extremists to talk about picking up guns and ammo, "before it's all outlawed." They expressed fear that they would now lose their rights and have to defend themselves and their families.


In his radio interview on the white supremacist online forum Stormfront, anti-Semite and racist David Duke predicted that Obama's presidency was a wake-up call: "Maybe it's good in one sense in that it's making white people clear of the fact that that government in Washington DC is not our government…We, as European Americans, have got to rally for our own heritage, our own freedom, our own survival as a people, and if we don't…begin now to build a…dedicated movement…we're going to lose everything that's important to us."


Posting a Klan Internet forum, an Illinois Klansman, Jeremy Eastwood, expressed his hope that the Klan would save a nation "on the brink of distruction [sic]."  He encouraged his followers to take action: "Start throwing flyers every week.  Making signs anything passing out bussiness [sic] cards…. Get out there and RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT.  We must take bake [sic] our nation that is being taking away."  


Billy Roper, the leader of White Revolution, declared on the group's Internet forum, "Now is the time to be more active than ever before." An individual on the same forum using the name "Saturn" was sure that white supremacists could build "our own society that has nothing to do with this current one."  He added "Bury your American flags and bibles and hopes of making America great again."

On Stormfront, extremists also felt that this was a moment that they could seize to make an impact.  "White Apex" declared, "It is obvious as of tonights [sic] overload that white people are already waking up and looking for answers. If we handle this obamanation correctly we can gain many new comrades! We can't mess this up, can't you see this is what we need!" Greg Johnson, an editor for The Occidental Quarterly, agreed, writing that "the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States is a good thing for white nationalism. Whites will regain control over our nation and our destiny only when we have a change of consciousness." On Vanguard News Network (VNN), a white supremacist Internet forum,  posters declared that they were ready to put themselves on the line to fight for the white race.  "Toe Cutter" wrote, "Get used to the idea of having to sacrifice Yourself, for a greater good."


A number of white supremacists ominously predicted a race war, an event that they feel will be necessary to create a "white revolution" and have a county run for and by whites.  On Stormfront, "DarkSystem9" declared, "Welcome to the grand opening of the worlds [sic] first Race War."  On the White Revolution Internet form, "Joe Mayham" told fellow racists to prepare for the race war: "We are at war, put down your compromises, stock pile for your family while the men are away, buy up a gun for yourself and a couple for me and start causing the fight to come to our door. Make it don't wait for it."   


On VNN, "Metal Warrior" declared, "We have allowed the jews to set up the game, and the lemmings to sell our collective soul. We need our own clean break from this. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of dying in store on the way there." On Stromfront, "Werewolfblood" was no less angry: "We may be at the steps of a nationwide revolution. Whites are PISSED!"


Klan members posting to the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK Internet forum wrote about readying themselves for the future. "Cole Thornton" announced, "We are making plans and we need each and every member intact. It may get real hairy, so PLEASE be careful out there until we get things sorted out." An angry poster "JP311" warned: "KKKEEP YOUR GUNS LOADED BOYS!!!!!  WE 'ARE' THE NEW MINORITY...WHITE AND PROUD!!!!!  PRESIDENT OBAMA??  HE AIN'T MY PRESIDENT."

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