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White Supremacists Vent Rage Over Obama's Win RULE Obama Election a "Tragedy" for America

Posted: November 8, 2008

Obama Election a "Tragedy" for America
Pushing Whites to "Start a Race War"
Hoping Obama Will Not Survive
Blaming the Jews

On a radio show on the white supremacist Internet forum Stormfront soon after Barack Obama's win, anti-Semite and racist David Duke announced, "I really believe tonight is a night of tragedy and sadness for our people in many ways…[we've lost] the fundamental values of the United States of America…the country is not recognizable any more."

Hal Turner, a New Jersey-based white supremacist, wrote on his blog that "America committed national suicide tonight because we turned control of this nation over to inferior people who, in the history of the world, have never created or maintained the kind of advanced nation that we White people created here." On the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network forum, "Wild_Bill_Hyde" declared that America was now "OFFICIALLY DEAD!"

The Occidental Observer, an online magazine connected to the racist journal The Occidental Quarterly, posted an editorial on the election, calling it "the worst of all possible results." It said that white people who attended Obama's victory rally in Chicago were "pathetic" and argued that Obama will likely institute "quota-style affirmative action and transfer payments that will alienate whites in droves."

Racists posting to the white supremacist Internet forum Ni--ermania appeared somewhat more resigned. A person using the screen-name "KOS" declared, "America will become another third-world sh-thole like Africa if it is run by people like Barack Hussein Obama and other minorities." Another extremist, posting as "Himmler SS," wrote, "America [sic] flags should be flown upside down as the international symbol of distress." "Anti-Nigram added, "It's a nightmare I can't shake myself out of...We may not be perfect for being a bit 'racist' but God forgive us our flaws and help us survive these dark times to come back and fix it when we can."

Some racists were so angry about having an African-American president that they declared they would leave the U.S. "RightWhiteis," posting to the white supremacist White Revolution forum, wrote, "This is truly the saddest day in the history of this great nation… I am seriously thinking about moving my family to Canada for their own safety from the ape riots that are about to no doubt happen in major metropolitan areas everywhere." In a comment on white supremacist Hal Turner's blog, an anonymous poster wrote, "I have burnt the American flag in my front yard… I am seeking political asylum in Russia."

An anonymous individual posting to a Yahoo! group connected to the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement was convinced that whites would lose their rights in America and stated, "You all have the worst of everything. He is a Black, communist, muslim, racist against white, and friends with jews… Well be prepared to have to fight harder for freedoms you use to have. I doubt the bill of rights will be enforced after his swearing in."

Some white supremacists angrily declared that Caucasians who had chosen an African-American to be president were traitors to their race. On White Revolution, "Fallschirmjager173" claimed that "the recent election of a negroid as president of america, was brought about by dumbed down white traitors, to this nation." An anonymous poster made a similar comment on Hal Turner's blog: "Congratulations to all you f--king sleeping mesmerized race traitors who just made the United States a 3rd world country filled with Illegal Mexicans and f--king Ni--ers who will run free and have a Ni--er commander and chief looking over their shoulders. You all make me f--king sick. I have burnt the American flag in my front yard."

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