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White Supremacists Target School Youth With White Power CD

Posted: December 18, 2008

Racist skinhead Bryant Cecchini, better known as Byron Calvert, is sponsoring "Project Schoolyard II," a campaign to place 30,000 CDs with anti-Semitic and racist lyrics in the hands of school children. Calvert, like many other white supremacists, hopes to use racist and anti-Semitic rock music as a recruitment tool and source of funding.

Calvert once worked for Panzerfaust Records, a now-defunct white-power music company. Through Panzerfaust, Calvert produced the first volume of Project Schoolyard in 2004 with the goal of printing and distributing 100,000 CDs.

The new CD is priced at 30 cents, and potential buyers are encouraged to distribute it free to children. Though the CD cover is purposely devoid of obvious white power symbols, "Project Schoolyard II" features songs by racist bands, including RAHOWA (which stands for "Racial Holy War"), Brutal Attack, and Skrewdriver, a British white power band popular in the 1980s and early 1990s. Featured songs include "Race Riot," "White Power," "Some Ni—ers Never Die," and "Aggravated Assault." In a song called "White Revolution," RAHOWA sings "So listen, slimy jew…You're gonna wish you were never even born when I get my hands on you…"

"Remember, we don't just entertain racist kids, we create them."

Quote from the Tightrope Web site

Calvert, a convicted felon, is well-respected in the neo-Nazi music and racist skinhead scenes.  He is using his Arkansas-based online white power merchandise company, Tightrope Productions, to market and sell the CD, which he's providing free to regular customers. A Tightrope Web page promoting the CD boasts, "Remember, we don't just entertain racist kids, we create them." Tightrope also features for sale weapons, including knives and brass knuckles, and other items of interest to white supremacists, including DVDs and pendants.

White supremacists are promoting the Project Schoolyard II campaign on racist and anti-Semitic Web sites. White supremacist leader Billy Roper has posted information about the CD and how to obtain it to the Web site of his group, White Revolution. Stormfront, the most popular Internet forum among white supremacists, hosts a lengthy discussion in which extremists not only praise the campaign but instruct one another how to avoid detection when distributing the CD to youth. Suggestions include "scattering them in odd places at the school" and "entering specialty class rooms like the gym, or wood shop, [to] leave them where students will find them."
Other extremists hope that the CDs will serve as an effective recruitment tool to bring youth into the white power movement. On Stormfront, "MichigansFinest" explained that "if you even handed out only ONE, that could be the one that introduced our movement to the next potential activist, or even leader."

A few individuals on Stormfront Others were not as enthusiastic about the campaign's presence at schools. "Merlin," the moderator of a Youth Room on Stormfront voiced concern about "breaking school rules" and distributing the CDs on school grounds. Instead, the moderator suggested handing them out at "the local mall, skatepark, or wherever happens to be the local hangout(s)." Another member named "Santa" argued that "many of these songs are a little extreme."

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