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White Supremacists Celebrate Holocaust Museum Shooter Suspect as a Martyr and Hero

Posted: June 11, 2009

Following the shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., white supremacists and anti-Semites lauded the suspect, James Von Brunn, a longtime neo-Nazi and white supremacist, as a hero and a martyr.

Although he was a peripheral figure in the movement, Von Brunn was respected by fellow white supremacists for his anti-Semitic and racist views, which he has expressed for decades. After the shootings, he was lauded in posts to white supremacist and anti-Semitic Web sites as "an exemplar of the warrior spirit within every White person."

One individual called himself a "recruit" as a result of the shooting. Other extremists warned that similar attacks are forthcoming and, more specifically, that "filthy jews need to know that they are not safe anywhere."

Giving some insight into what might have driven Von Brunn to allegedly take action at the museum, acquaintance and white supremacist John de Nugent cited, as one factor, the election of President Barack Obama as a "tremendous signal of alarm" for Von Brunn. Rage among white supremacists has escalated considerably, as they view the election of a black man as a sign that white people are losing power.

The following is a series of comments taken from white supremacist Web sites in response to the shooting:

From the neo-Nazi VNN Forum:

  • "James von Brunn fought the Jews on every level. He was dedicated to truth. But like so many white folks that have had enough of the goddamned kikes, he did not do any planning but just went on a rampage. Why he didn't just take out a few rabbis, Jew bankers and ADL members instead of shooting up a building and shooting a guard, makes no sense. There will be more of these kinds of attacks on the kikenvermin. Let's hope some of these guys do some planning next time and do some real damage instead of just blowing off steam like this…God Bless James von Brunn."
  • "The jews' demonization of White Nationalists is backfiring. They have driven racist Whites underground, leaving many with the lone wolf option only. Guess what, you f---ing kikes? You never know when one of these lone wolf things is going to happen, or where!"
  • "This might be the best news I have read in a while. These filthy jews need to know that they are not safe anywhere…"
  • Neo-Nazi leader and VNN Forum administrator Alex Linder titled a discussion thread "Martyr James Von Brunn: Read Why He Did It." Linder went on to populate the thread with lengthy excerpts from Von Brunn's 2002 anti-Semitic book, Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog! (To Kill the Best Gentiles!).
  • "Von Brunn is a true hero. He is an exemplar of the warrior spirit within every White person. One needs only slough off the Jewish filth and poison to awaken that spirit. This holy spirit, given to the White man by God Himself, is what allowed us to conquer the known world and bring holy light to the world and prosperity and salvation to every White man."
  • "Both James Von Brunn and Scott Roeder are heroes. (Roeder took out Tiller the white baby killer.) Wonder what is going to happen next…The instincts for the preservation of the White Race was the motivating factor in both these men."

From the white supremacist Stormfront forum:

  • "We need more people to take action. I, for one, hope the momentum keeps chugging along, regardless of the bad press."
"These filthy jews need to know that they are not safe anywhere…"
  • An individual called Von Brunn a "poor man" and recast the shooting as an incident by a man who "felt that…he had to martyr himself to be heard." The person posting also wrote that Von Brunn "has one more recruit in me, and I am sure man more than me across the world tonight."
  • "…he is still a White Racialist Treasure…he had been screwed by the Jews his entire life."

From the neo-Nazi New Saxon Web site:

  • A post described Von Brunn as a "white power activist [who] has martyred himself to further his ideals and to bring to the forefront the struggle of the Aryan race." The author of the post went on to praise Von Brunn: "i [sic] have to say that I have to respect someone who is willing to give his life to our cause. Hail brother welcome to the Phineas Priesthood [sic]" [emphasis in original] (The Phineas Priesthood is a violent credo of vengeance. Achieving Phineas Priesthood status has become the goal of extremists committed to perpetrating violent crimes.)

John de Nugent, white supremacist, Holocaust denier, and acquaintance of Von Brunn's:

  • In a media interview following the shooting, de Nugent discussed Von Brunn's possible motives and mindset. He conjectured that Von Brunn was driven to action as a result of the election of Barack Obama, which de Nugent described as a "tremendous signal of alarm for [Von Brunn]."
"He was advocating direct action. The time for talk was over."
  • De Nugent also explained of Von Brunn that "At least a year ago, his Social Security was slashed. He felt that this was a direct result of somebody in the federal government reading his Web site and punishing him for his politically incorrect opinions."
  • De Nugent also explained that Von Brunn's E-mails were becoming increasingly violent. "He was advocating direct action. The time for talk was over. I think he was pushed over the edge by current events and his own personality."
  • When asked if the shooting might push white supremacists to reconsider their views, de Nugent responded, "It certainly is a tragedy when white people are provoked. Some of them will snap."
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