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Youth for Western Civilization RULE White Supremacists See YWC as an Ally

Posted: May 23, 2011

White Supremacists See YWC as an Ally
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White Supremacists Are Big Fans

Although Youth for Western Civilization (YWC) tries to avoid openly being branded as part of the racist right, the racist right nevertheless identifies with and embraces YWC and its ideology. And further, many white supremacists believe that YWC  is doing an important job of  promoting white pride to young people who might not respond to a more explicitly racist message. In turn, white supremacists often promote YWC.  For example, Western Voices World Wide, a news site sponsored by the white supremacist group European Americans United, featured YWC's appeal for help in combating Jesse Jackson's appearance at the University of Idaho. Western Voices also provided a link to YWC's site.


YWC articles appear on racist sites


Articles by YWC members have also been reprinted by white supremacist publications. The May 2011 issue of The First Freedom, published by anti-Semite Olaf Childress, featured an April 2011 article by William Houston about an anti-immigration bill that was passed in Alabama. The Occidental Observer, an online publication edited by anti-Semitic professor Kevin MacDonald, featured a November 2010 article by Kevin DeAnna on England and fascism. Both publications linked to YWC's Web site.


White supremacists embrace YWC


In an interview on the far-right Wermod and Wermod Publishing Group site, Richard Spencer, a white supremacist with close ties to YWC leaders Kevin DeAnna and Devin Saucier, claims that YWC is not openly racist like the white supremacist outfit American Renaissance but "is more identifiably 'conservative.'"  Spencer adds, "However, YWC doesn't treat us as toxic—they're actually willing to give us a hearing—and they focus on the issues that give the blazer-and-kakis [sic] College Republicans the willies: mass immigration and affirmative action."


When the topic of Youth for Western Civilization was raised in February 2011 on Stormfront, the largest white supremacist Internet site, a number of members were not only supportive  of YWC, but praised the group for using mainstream tactics to attract people to the idea of white nationalism.


Responding to another Stormfronter who attacked YWC for saying it would admit all races into the group, a poster using the screen name "SISwaffen" commented, "As a youth you better get tactically and technically proficient if you plan on making a difference in a college environment. This group is [sic] tax exempt status. It's open to all races for a reason, get smart."


Member "Jotenbjorn" agreed that YWC had to be careful in how it presented its views: "College campuses are extremely hostile to all conservatives and anyone who dares have pride in their white heritage, they have to choose their words wisely. Why anyone would want them to start throwing Nazi salutes and be driven off campus is beyond me."


Another member, "Pikkutaistelija," was even more direct in supporting YWC for not declaring itself a white nationalist group:


A group that outwardly professes anything even close to that would be more hated than Satan himself, if they were even allowed on campus. Sometimes you have to take what you can get. Besides, YWC could be a very valuable tool for getting our ideas out there. The only people who you're going to get with an organization that professes "the genetic continuation of the pure white race" are the people who are already into those ideas. It's like the idea of a swing vote. The ones in the middle are the ones that can be swayed and thus the ones you want to go after. An organization like this could draw from many more backgrounds and get the moderates who aren't really sure or who maybe are just there to see, and bring them over to a more nationalistic or racialistic point of view by showing them all that there is to be proud of.


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