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Youth for Western Civilization RULE Ideology

Posted: May 23, 2011

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Youth for Western Civilization and its members apparently see themselves as waging a modern crusade to save "Western" culture from a host of perceived enemies whom they believe threaten its very foundation. 


Using euphemistic language to equate "Western Civilization" with whites, they decry multiculturalism for "destroying and dispossessing the people and culture of the West." YWC asserts that if Western Civilization is not saved, the very "advances of modernity and the political freedoms we enjoy" will cease to exist.


YWC insists, that "we have the self-evident right and duty to work for the survival of our own culture and civilization." The group uses its Web site, which includes infrequently updated Internet radio and TV stations, as well as events, to promote its views.


Focus on whites being at a disadvantage


Members of YWC usually avoid directly referring to minorities by ethnic identity (e.g., Blacks, Hispanics) in articles on the YWC blog.  Instead, they choose to use disparaging terms that nevertheless make the same references. Among YWC's euphemisms for minorities are "mulitcult," "racial grievance groups," "racial chauvinists" "aggrieved collectivists" and "victim groups." But the theme is the same. YWC claims that whites have lost their place in America and that non-whites and other "victim groups" are controlling the discourse of the country, while painting whites in a negative way.


Writing on the YWC site in March 2011, Katie Hamilton, a graduate of the University of South Carolina, asserted that "members of the multiculti" want "to place minorities on a pedestal while reducing whites into bigoted, racist, homophobic oppressors."


In his most explicit column about race, YWC leader William Houston argued on the site that in today's society, minorities can get away with bad behavior and expressing "racial interests" but these same actions are denied to whites.  Writing in March 2011, Houston asserted that:


Under the racial etiquette of political correctness, Blacks and Hispanics can get away with doing things which are verboten for "respectable" White politicians in America…. In the Obamanation, White people are not allowed to get "uppity" under the new racial caste system. Under the liberal paradigm, Whites are expected to be deracinated, guilt ridden submissive individualists with a purely negative sense of group identity, who express their cosmopolitanism and "enlightened views" through explicit acts of repudiation of their heritage and kinship group - the postmodern version of "knowing your place." Alternatively, "people of color" are expected to be aggrieved collectivists and racial chauvinists… with a deep sense of pride in their race and culture. They are expected to be assertive of their collective racial interests.


Houston claimed that white males are now the victims in America and that "non-white minorities" or "racial grievance groups" have the advantages in today's society. In a March 2011 column about a white supervisor's allegedly thwarted efforts to expose a black dentist accused of having insufficient skills,  Houston wrote, "America is now run by a progressive elite for the philanthropic benefit  of non-White minorities, who enjoy special privileges (like earning a three figure salary as a dentist in spite 'very deficient' skills) which are denied to White males."


Houston's diatribe did not stop there. He continued, "In 'Subprime America,' the ideological rot of 'diversity' is eroding the foundation of every business and institution which subordinate excellence to the social agenda of racial grievance groups…."


Kevin DeAnna expressed similar views in an April 2011 article on the YWC site.  He argued:

Conservatives need to confront the lie of white privilege directly and not simply dismiss it as trendy left wing radicalism.  It is a philosophy that justifies unlimited government action to redress "inequality" and gives progressives powerful reasons to oppose any ideology of the right, including libertarianism.  It's not terribly sophisticated or convincing.  For starters, leftists should explain why the "culturally biased" standardized tests and racist economy seem to benefit Asians more than whites.   They could also explain why the group that is the most underrepresented at Ivy League schools is the evil white Christians that are supposedly running everything.  


Demonizing immigrants


YWC attacks immigration in the same light, demonizing non-white immigrants and painting their influx as the cause of the eroding culture and quality of life in the United States. In a March 2011 article entitled, "Mexifornia Dreamin," Houston wrote, "Why are California public schools now among the worst in the nation when they used to be among the best? Because immigration changed the nature of the students attending the public schools." He added, "Why is there now so much gang related crime and poverty in California? Because we have imported a servant underclass from Mexico and other Third World countries who have brought with them all their attendant social problems."


In April 2011, YWC members from Washington State University (WSU) and the University of Idaho erected a chain link fence at WSU to simulate a border crossing in a protest against undocumented immigrants entering the country. In the WSU student newspaper, Phil Tignino, a student at WSU and a YWC member, described counter-protestors as racists. He also claimed that immigrants "want to destroy an entire American culture by not assimilating and coming here illegally by destroying our national sovereignty."


Delegitimizing discrimination


YWC also attacks the left repeatedly and argues that the left defines itself through a "cult of victimhood," and includes gays in this category. When asked about the gay Republican organization GOProud's participation in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a mainstream gathering hosted by The American Conservative Union, which took place in Washington, D.C., in February 2011, Saucier said, "I'm not behind the idea of organizing as victim groups and things like that…the whole cult of victimhood [that] has …characterized the left is just kind of absurd and it's been taken to its extremes…."


YWC attempts to delegitimize discrimination experienced by minority groups by turning the tables and asserting that whites are really the ones who suffer bias. This was demonstrated vividly in February 2011, when Phil Tignino wrote about a protest against Jesse Jackson organized by YWC at WSU and the University of Idaho, where Jackson spoke. Tignino, referred to Jackson as a "race peddler" and as "the priest of victimhood…renowned for supporting affirmative action and denouncing Western civilization and culture as racist and evil."


Building ties to far-right groups abroad


In addition to defending "Western Civilization" in the United States, YWC participated in a May 2011 rally "against the Islaminization of Europe" in Cologne, Germany. Taylor Rose, a YWC member who was then a student at Liberty University in Virginia, spoke alongside leaders of far-right xenophobic European parties, including the Vlaams Belang of Belgium, the Freedom Party of Austria, as well as smaller parties from France and Germany.


In an article on the YWC Web site, Taylor asserted that the "European patriot movement has a new friend and ally—Youth for Western Civilization…" Taylor declared, "It is now high time that the defenders of the Western tradition come together, to support one another, to share ideas and in harmony declare to the world that we will not falter nor fail in our attempt for the defense of the Western homeland."

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