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ADL Resolution on Situation in Egypt

Posted: February 14, 2011

As adopted at ADL's National Executive Committee Meeting, February 12, 2011 in Palm Beach, Florida:

   WHEREAS, with the resignation of President Mubarak a new era in modern Egyptian history is dawning and the Egyptian military has proclaimed its commitment to guarantee the aspirations of the Egyptian people for sweeping democratic reforms;


   WHEREAS, for decades Egypt has been a force for moderation and stability in the Middle East and has historically been influential in setting political and intellectual trends in the Arab world. Egypt is a key ally for the United States due to its leadership in the region, as well as for the strategic importance of the Suez Canal.  As Israel's first Arab peace partner, Egypt has played a crucial role in mediating Israel's relations with Palestinians and Arab states;


   WHEREAS, the peace between Egypt and Israel, while often described as a "cold peace," has benefited both countries, bringing quiet and stability to the Egyptian-Israeli border, enabling the reallocate of military budgets, and setting an example for the region of the advantages of reconciliation with Israel, it is crucial to Israel's security and the stability of the region that the security cooperation between Israel and Egypt be maintained.


   WHEREAS, the mass protests on the streets of Egypt against the regime's authoritarianism and repression, and demanding political accountability and transparency, are inspiring to all who cherish democracy and freedom. 


   WHEREAS, with no clear leader of the opposition, and the Muslim Brotherhood gaining greater prominence, there are increasing concerns about what political forces might be unleashed during this period of political and social turmoil.  It will not be known for some time what kind of Egypt will emerge, what guiding ideology its leadership will follow, what its attitude towards Israel and the 30 year peace with the Jewish state will be, what role it will play in the Middle East, and what impact these developments will have on the region at large;   


   WHEREAS, it is in the clear interest of Egypt, the Middle East, Israel and the international community for there to be a successful transition to democratic reform and greater freedom in Egypt, leading to the creation of a more open society which is inclusive of minorities and committed to sustaining regional stability, including through maintaining and enhancing peaceful relations and security cooperation with Israel;


   WHEREAS, The people of Egypt now face the difficult task of channeling their passion for change into building the foundations for a true open, inclusive and stable democracy.


  THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Anti-Defamation League calls on the U.S. and the international community to provide Egypt with the necessary support and assistance in its historic efforts to achieve the legitimate aspirations and concerns of the Egyptian people for a more open and inclusive society by improving democratic processes, developing and implementing structural, legal, and political reforms, building democratic institutions, and enabling the growth of a vibrant civil society.


   IT IS FURTHER, RESOLVED, in this time of significant transition, we also call on the United States, regional leaders, and the international community to support and assist Egypt to continue to fulfill its important role as a leading promoter of regional stability, moderation and security in the Middle East and to ensure that Egypt will continue to uphold its peace agreement with Israel.


National Executive Committee

February, 12, 2011

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ADL Statement on Resignation of Hosni Mubarak

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