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Resolution on the International Community and Iran's Development of Nuclear Weapons

As adopted at ADL's annual meeting of the National Commission on November 3, 2007.

Posted: November 6, 2007

WHEREAS, intelligence experts estimate that within the next eighteen months, the Islamic Republic of Iran's nuclear weapons program may cross the technological threshold to develop the capability to produce a nuclear bomb, and the ability to deliver a nuclear bomb to target within three to eight years.

WHEREAS, recognizing this threat, the international community, has sought a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear weapons program. The United Nations Security Council has twice unanimously adopted resolutions imposing sanctions on Iran for its nuclear proliferation activities.

WHEREAS, the United States has undertaken imposed intensive sanctions on major figures in Iran's nuclear weapons program, such as the Revolutionary Guard. The United States and some European governments, notably France, have urged international financial institutions and businesses to scale back their economic engagement with Iran. European leaders have also expressed support for European Union sanctions on Iran.

WHEREAS, Iran has treated these diplomatic efforts and economic sanctions with intransigence and defiance.

WHEREAS, Iran's regime is a source of extremism and destabilization in the region and around the globe. As the leading state-sponsor of terrorism, it has defied the international community with its support for terrorism and the cultivation of extremist forces. Iran's leaders have repeatedly called for the elimination of the State of Israel and have promoted base anti-Semitism, including the denial of the Holocaust. The regime continues to engage in horrific violations of human rights, including the persecution of religious minorities, particularly the Baha'i, and the detention, torture and execution of those deemed opposed to the regime,

WHEREAS, nuclear weapons in the hands of this increasingly radical and reckless regime would lead to a dangerous geo-strategic shift in the Middle East potentially creating a nuclear arms race in the region, bolsters Iran's aggressive and destructive foreign policy, and represents a direct and existential threat to Israel and other countries in the region;

Therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Anti-Defamation League believes that in order to prevent the need for more drastic action, the international community must immediately and forcefully use all diplomatic and financial tools at its disposal to pressure Iran to end its production of enriched uranium which can be used for nuclear weapons. These tools include the expeditious enactment of additional Security Council sanctions, European Union sanctions, the divestment of funds from Iran and the cessation of investment by private businesses and government institutions in Iran's energy and nuclear development sectors.


National Commission
New York, NY
November 3, 2007
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Press Release:
ADL Calls For International Sanctions To End Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program

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