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Financial Crisis Sparks Wave of Internet Anti-Semitism RULE Stereotypes of Jewish Greed

Posted: October 2, 2008

Blaming the Jews
Stereotypes of Jewish Greed
Alleging Jewish or Israeli Control of the Government
Anti-Semitic 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
Extremists Exploit Financial Crisis
White Supremacists Demonize Jews

Updated: October 24, 2008

On the Yahoo! Finance message boards, Google groups, online discussion groups and newspapers and on YouTube, individuals have asserted the stereotype of Jewish greed to blame Jews for the collapse of the financial market and for harming the country. Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that accuse Jews of taking Americans' money and hiding it in Israel or fleeing to Israel with the funds have begun to appear all over the Internet

In the following posts and articles, Jews are depicted as purposely allowing the financial market to crash so they could benefit financially while non-Jews suffer.  In some articles, there is an implicit call for violence against Jews.


Alleging Jewish profiteering to harm non-Jews


In an October 20, 2008 article in the American Free Press, an anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented newspaper that also appears online,  Michael Collins Piper accused Jews of being the biggest threat to America and of purposely "pillaging" the American people.  He declared that "their crimes constitute treason and they should be treated as the traitors they are."  Piper wrote:

While viewing Manhattan from their $25 million penthouses, weekending on Long Island at the exclusive Hampdens [sic], and spending time at their vacation homes in Israel, these racketeers have been pillaging the American people and now they come asking for the cash-strapped, debt-burdened taxpayers to bail them out....The Lehman Brothers were hailed as financial geniuses, princes of the Earth. Maurice Greenberg of AIG was crowned as a high priest of money. It turns out that they were nothing less than big-time crooks, highly paid henchmen of the international House of Rothschild.Their crimes are greater than fraud and theft. Their crimes constitute treason and they should be treated as the traitors they are....They are fear-mongers, war-mongers, hate-mongers—demagogues of the first and worst order. They tell us that unless we pay them off, our economy will collapse. In truth, they will take the money and run.They will cash in U.S. dollars for gold and Swiss francs and head for them thar' hills—the Seven Hills of Jerusalem...

A post the day before on the anti-Semitic blog, Zsidozas, made similar claims and stated that Jews should be "confronted and dealt with":

A New Dark Age of unchecked Jewish hegemony descends upon America and possibly the entire developed world unless these nation-wrecking/war-mongering international economic parasites are eventually confronted and dealt with in an organized, methodical, humane, and rational manner by those of us who care about humanity and do not wish to continue to see humankind perpetually exploited by these highly dangerous Jewish swindlers.

Earlier in September, "Harryslon," a member of a Google group devoted to Jewish culture, also accused Jews of cheating taxpayers out of their money to make a profit:

These institutions created this subprime bad debt to inflate their balance sheets so their Jewish owners could boast higher profit figures…The jewish [sic] insiders at these investment banks get rid of their stock … then speculate against their own banks to profiteer further, while their financier and executive friends continue to walk away with appalling bonuses. Finally when the penny drops and these securities are shown to be worthless (which the Jews knew all along), the taxpayer is left to pick up the bill, and the Jew profits at the expense of the general public.

Depicting Jews as swindlers and cheaters

In an early October 2008 post on the Yahoo! finance group, "stockguygolfer" wrote, "the heebs are just stealing all the cheap shares they can get... it will turn got to know how these heebs work, all a bunch of thieve [sic] and whores."

In the same time period, "flavia," a poster on an online discussion group about Israel, wrote, The simple fact is that KAK JEW-Controlled government 'agencies' have concocted a financial bailout SCAM to financially protect corporate KAK JEWS to the tune of $700/$800 BILLION DOLLARS charged to and taxed back upon the common U.S. Citizen whether currently employed or not."

A month earlier, in September, "Uswarcriminals" commented, "It's difficult, if not impossible, for one honest investor to neutralize the efforts of thousands of Jewish swindlers." Following the same theme, "Zimmyzee" wrote, "They've infiltrated Wall Street and Government and have ruined our country." "Hoghedge25" commented, "What is a GS Jew? Goldman Sachs? Jews are greedy, rotten slimeballs." "Liffaga" added, "They run Wall Street so they should be to blame. There is at my count roughly 1500 of them that should be in the penitentiary. Not a single one will suffer."  "Horizon_blue" commented about Jews, "They love money nothing else, no faith or religion can be so heartless to their victims."


A series of statements that are part of a YouTube video, "We the People" posted in September 2008, blamed Jews for "enslaving" non-Jews to serve their own interests and greed.  The video stated, "… the same Jewish bankers have been robbing us in this same manner for nearly an entire century now.  And we continue to allow them to. Like the willing and loyal slaves that we all are."



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