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Financial Crisis Sparks Wave of Internet Anti-Semitism RULE Blaming the Jews

Posted: October 2, 2008

Blaming the Jews
Stereotypes of Jewish Greed
Alleging Jewish or Israeli Control of the Government
Anti-Semitic 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
Extremists Exploit Financial Crisis
White Supremacists Demonize Jews

Updated: October 24, 2008

Starting in mid-September 2008 and continuing through October 2008, numerous posts have scapegoated the Jews for causing the economic crisis in the United States and have claimed that Jews purposely cause crises in order to benefit themselves. 
These posts, as well as videos on YouTube, depict Jews as evil plotters whose only goal is to do harm by lying, cheating, and manipulating others. 


Some examples include:

  • In mid-October, La Voz de Aztlan, an anti-Semitic online news service that claims to represent the Hispanic community, posted an article that blamed Goldman Sachs, a company founded by Jews, not only for the financial crisis in the United States but for causing a similar crisis in Mexico. Ernesto Cienfuegos, the author of the article, evoked an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory claiming that Jews in American financial companies sent money to Israeli banks during the crisis by claiming that Goldman Sachs and Israeli banks benefited from the crisis.  He wrote: Preliminary findings by the the [sic] Mexican Congress indicate that during the onslaught on the peso on Friday, billions of dollars flowed into the coffers of Goldman Sachs in New York and certain banks in Israel. As a result of the heist on the Banco de Mexico, Mexican families and small businesses are now experiencing great economic distress...."

  • In the same article, Cienfuegos claimed that Goldman Sachs "also spends millions of dollars to buy the favors of elected government officials." He added, "The recent $700 billion  Wall Street bailout passed the US Senate easily primarily because of the huge contributions Goldman Sachs made to US senators."
  • In an earlier article in October, Cienfugos used deliberately vague language implying that the anti-Semitic comments in the article were coming from the American public and not from La Voz de Aztlan itself.  The article stated, "The Federal Reserve is a private cartel of banks controlled by international Jewish families say the Americans who are blaming the Jewish lobby and Israel for the financial crisis…These Americans say that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was the creation of New York 'banksters' and approved by crooked congressmen in the pockets of the Jews."
  • An online group devoted to astronomy, which features hundreds of anti-Semitic posts, started a thread in October 2008 entitled "The Lehman Brothers Were Jews Who Made Their Money off Slavery." Another thread was called "Why bail out Jewish bankers?" On that thread, "Warhol" wrote, "Instead of bleeding ourselves dry paying for Jewish wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we ought to wage war on World Jewry and the State of Israel, which are waging war on us." "Don Ocean" commented, "Don't be a purveyor of the Talmudic murderous laws."
  • In a September 2008 thread on Yahoo! Finance group that blames the Jews for the current financial crisis as well as the financial market's problems after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, "Richlynchjunior" wrote, "Jews are behind the bubbles which started from the creation of all these new speculative hybrid financial instruments…"  

  • That same month, in another thread on Yahoo!, "Farmerangels" commented, "jews [sic] do not pay for their sins. they [sic] only glorify their sins as they bask in their keen ability to lie, get others to kill and maim for them, and partner with the psychopath gentiles...."

  • In September 2008, on AOL Money and Finance pages, "Youngmike11" pitted Jews against the rest of the population by asking, "jews helping jews when do we Amaricans [sic] stand up? 

  • Also in September, on Raging Bull, a financial blog, "jacknorthernest" commented, "Alas there is nothing we can do. It is the Jews, the Jews I tell you...."

  • A September 2008 video on YouTube entitled "The Court Jewsters" displayed articles and pictures of failing banks and companies while repeatedly depicting Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, as well as other Jews with the implication that they have led America into this crisis.

  • Judicial Inc., a virulently anti-Semitic Website, reposted a mainstream article about the collapse of Lehman Brothers and entitled it "Lehman Brother's Zionist owners laugh all the way to the bank."  The September 2008 article alleged Jewish control of the bank and echoed the broader anti-Semitic argument that Jews hold complete power in government and the financial services.

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