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Cyberbullying Prevention Law An ADL Model Statute RULE Give Notice

Posted: May 20, 2009

Overview - About the Model Law
Adopt a Policy
Strong Definition
Address Off-Campus Speech
Give Notice
Report & Investigate
Establish Consequences & Provide Counseling
Require Training
State Involvement

A bullying prevention law must require that schools give notice about the policy to students and guardians and should require that notice be publicized in conduct codes, handbooks, bulletin boards, school Web sites, and other appropriate places. 

The notice will send a message to students, teachers and parents that the school is taking this issue seriously and does not accept inappropriate conduct.  The notice will also serve to instruct students, parents, and school staff how to identify, respond to and report incidents of bullying.

Model bill language:

The policy shall contain:

(a) A statement of how the policy is to be publicized, including requirements that: annual written notice of the policy is provided to parents, guardians, staff, volunteers, and students, with age appropriate language for students; the policy is posted throughout all schools in the district, including but not limited to cafeterias, school bulletin boards, administration offices, and the school district's Web site; and the policy is included in all student and employee handbooks;

(b) A procedure for providing immediate notification to the parents or guardian of a victim of, harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyberbullying and the parents or guardian of the perpetrator of the harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyberbullying;

(c) The identification by job title of school officials responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented.

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Advocacy Toolkit (.pdf - 2.08 MB)
This accompanying Cyberbullying Prevention Statute Advocacy Toolkit includes ADL's Model Anti-Bullying Statute, general talking points in support of anti-bullying legislation, a specific section-by-section description of the ADL model policy, a compilation of the existing anti-bullying statutes, and examples of school Internet acceptable use policies.

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Cyberbullying Prevention Model Statute

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