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Incitement Watch - Flashpoint: Al Aksa RULE Incitement

Posted: August 24, 2005


In April 2005 a small group of Jewish extremists called Revava which is made up mostly of supporters of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane was given permission to hold a rally in Jerusalem. Revava—which means 'ten thousand'—announced that it planned to have a massive gathering and march to the Temple Mount. Israel mobilized thousands of police to prevent its
supporters, which in fact numbered only a few dozen, from approaching the area of
Temple Mount and it arrested several activists. Israel later also pressed charges against the leader of Revava for incitement to racism. Nevertheless, many Muslim leaders have alleged that the gathering was in fact proof that Israel's goal is the defilement or even demolition of Al Aksa.


The allegation that Israel is plotting to harm the Mosque has become accepted as fact in some parts of the Muslim world. Clerics routinely conclude their sermons with prayers for the protection of Al Aksa from "Zionists" who allegedly plot its violation. In May 2005 a committee of religious leaders headed by Jerusalem mufti Sheikh Ikrima Sabri warned of an ongoing "ferocious and comprehensive war" against "Al Aksa and Jerusalem."  In April, Palestinian Sheik Muhammad Jamal Abu-Hannud exhorted his followers to "sacrifice their souls" in defending Al Aksa from "10,000 settlers" allegedly mustering to "storm the Al Aksa Mosque."  As early as March, Damascus Sheikh Abdallah Rabih warned of "150,000 extremist Zionists" threatening to "blow up" the Al Aksa Mosque and "obliterate Jerusalem's Islamic character," adding that the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina would be targeted in the future.


Since April 2005, Muslim politicians and leaders of terrorist groups have also alleged that Israel wants to harm the mosque. Officials from the Organization of the Islamic Conference and representatives of the Iranian, Syrian and Palestinian regimes have held special meetings to discuss Al Aksa and have issued warnings and promises to protect the mosque.  Ahmed Quray, Palestinian prime minister, stated that "Israeli threats to Al Aksa Mosque will lead to explosion in the region." Iran's foreign minister, after a special meeting with Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, talked of "the Zionist regime's plots and its desecration of Al Aksa Mosque." Hamas has threatened that it "will not stand idly by with regard to this aggression on Al-Aksa Mosque," and called on Muslim nations to "cleanse the Al Aksa Mosque from the occupiers' filth." Similarly, Hezbollah's secretary general told his followers that "our Al Aksa Mosque is threatened with destruction," and called for resistance against Israel and the United States.

Chronology of Incitement

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