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About Disengagement

Posted: August 18, 2005

Israel completed its disengagement from Gaza and four West Bank settlements by the second week of September 2005. To understand more about this historic plan and the difficult steps involved, as well as international attitudes, see ADL's resources on disengagement.



About Disengagement

What is Disengagement?

Answers to Misstatements about Israel's Disengagement from Gaza 

The Threat of Terrorism by Jewish Anti-Disengagement Extremists

Arab Political Cartoons: Israel's Disengagement from Gaza

ADL Poll: Americans Maintain Strong Support for Israel and Overwhelmingly Back Gaza Disengagement, July 2005 

ADL Poll Shows Strong American Support For Israel Continues; Sharon's Plan for Gaza Withdrawal Seen as "Bold Step For Peace", April 2005 

ADL Press Releases:
ADL Outraged at Desecration of Four Synagogues in Gaza

ADL Condemns Remarks By Shas Leader Who Says Hurricane Was 'Retribution' for Gaza Pullout

ADL Condemns Pat Robertson's Remark That 'God Will Judge' Israel for Gaza Withdrawal



ADL Letters to the Editor:
Gaza Disengagement Dismissed (L.A. Times)
Saree Makdisi's dismissal of the significance of Israel's disengagement from Gaza totally disregards why Israel has been forced to defend itself and its people.


IHT: Barghouthi Blames Israel 08/19/05
If not for the continued Palestinian delegitimization of Israel, Mustafa Barghouthi's hope of a sovereign Palestinian state could have been realized years ago.


Gaza Reality Check (The New York Times) 08/18/05
The Times should be focusing on what the Palestinians have to do rather than criticizing Israel.


Only the Beginning 08/15/05
The New York Times' assertion that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of
Israel is using the Gaza disengagement to deflect international pressure to make West Bank territorial concessions is belied by the prime minister's own statements.


ADL Op-Eds on Disengagement:
"Jews are Not Expelling Jews from Gaza"  Haaretz,
July 8, 2005

"Pullout With or Without the Palestinians"  Yediot Ahronot,
May 22, 2005


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