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IDF Soldiers Visit Former Concentration Camp Sites

Posted: November 6, 2008

Jerusalem, November 6, 2008 … Anti-Defamation League (ADL) leaders from the US and Israel joined 150 Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officers in Poland to participate in the "Witness in Uniform" program.  The program brings Israel's officers and soldiers to the sites of former Nazi concentration camps and other sites associated with the Holocaust. 


The mission was led by IDF Surgeon General Nahman Ash, and ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman.  Deputy Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. Dan Harel and Israel Ambassador to Poland David Peleg accompanied the delegation in Auschwitz.


Mr. Foxman spoke about ADL and the IDF sharing the memories of those lost during the Holocaust and reiterated the life-affirming element of being in Poland with IDF soldiers, whose job it is to protect the citizens of Israel.


ADL held meetings and briefings with Polish government officials, academics, members of the Jewish community and the US Ambassador to Poland, who provided an update on Poland-US relations.


The "Witness in Uniform" program imparts humanistic values based on respect for "the other" – whether it be within IDF units, communities or towards the general population. 


ADL's Israel Office delivered presentations on global anti-Semitism to nearly 700 Israeli officers upon their return from Poland, as part of an IDF educational program.

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