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Farrakhan Accuses Jews of Anti-Semitism on Al-Jazeera

Posted: March 23, 2007

During an appearance on the Arabic-language television news network Al Jazeera, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan made several statements testifying to the unchanging nature of his views toward Jews.


When asked about past accusations of anti-Semitism during the interview, which was broadcast on March 18, 2007, Farrakhan said, “The real anti-Semites are those who came out of Europe and settled in Palestine, and now they call themselves the true Jews, when in fact, they converted to Judaism.”


Addressing the situation in Iraq, Farrakhan denied that a practicing Muslim would ever destroy a place of religious worship and seemingly questioned the role of Mossad and the CIA in the violence.  Farrakhan then warned America that “the time for the chastisement of Allah is here.”


Farrakhan also voiced support for Iran’s nuclear program, charging that the U.S. motivation to thwart the program is self-serving and that the protection of Israel is “the cornerstone of America’s foreign policy.”


Earlier this month, during interviews with CNN and ABC, Farrakhan failed to take responsibility for past anti-Semitic and bigoted remarks.

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