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Farrakhan's Anti-Semitic Address on the "Real" Children of Israel RULE Anti-Semitic Resources

Posted: June 29, 2010

Anti-Semitic Resources

During his speech in Atlanta, Farrakhan heavily promoted two anti-Semitic books that allege, among other things, that Jews played a disproportionate role in the transatlantic slave trade, resulting in deep and prolonged repercussions for African Americans.


Farrakhan announced the release of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume Two: How Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy. The book claims that "business-minded Jews were among those with the most to gain" from the slave trade, and that Jews refrained from participating in the abolition movement out of tolerance for the system of slavery.


According to the Nation of Islam (NOI), the book also accuses Jews throughout history of using the Talmud as a "business manual" to establish "an extensive structure of economic control"—a structure the book argues spans across the slave trade and cotton, textiles, and banking industries. It further blames Jews for promoting a myth of black racial inferiority and "reveals" Jewish support for the Ku Klux Klan, according to according to the NOI.


Farrakhan claimed to have sent copies of the new book to various media outlets, Jewish community leaders, black college presidents and members of the Obama Administration.


The original The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews argues essentially that the history of slavery in the New World—which they claim accounted for the death of 100 million Africans—was initiated by Jewish ship owners and merchants, who as a group remained the main beneficiaries of the slave economy and who "carved for themselves a monumental culpability in slavery." It was published in 1991 by the NOI's Historical Research Department.


Farrakhan promoted a second book, titled Jews Selling Blacks: Slave Advertising by American Jews, during his speech. Basically a compilation of newspaper advertisements, Jews Selling Blacks claims to present "disturbing evidence of American Jewish participation in the Black African slave trade."


The introduction maintains that Jewish merchants from all over the world often dominated some of the most important slave-trading markets. "Jews were twice as likely as the general population of American whites to 'own' Africans," the book claims. The advertisements in the book "represent proof of substantial Jewish involvement in the greatest criminal endeavor in the history of the world – the Black Holocaust."

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