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Nation of Islam

The ADL Farrakhan Library

A series of ADL reports on the activities of Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam.

Posted: October 18, 2001

These reports can be downloaded from this site and saved on your computer.  They are in .pdf  format. This means that to read them you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader. (If you don't have this free program, you can download the reader directly from Adobe )   Simply click in the report name to download.

Report File Size
The Other Face of Farrakhan: The Hate-Filled Prelude to the Million Man March 860 KB
The Nation of Islam: The Relentless Record of Hate (March 1994 - March 1995) 2.45 MB
Federal Funds for NOI Security Firms: Financing Farrakhan's Ministry of Hate 4.65 MB
Farrakhan Unchanged: The Continuing Message of Hate: The Ongoing Record of Racism and Anti-Semitism by Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, February - March 1994 1.81 MB
Louis Farrakhan; In His Own Words - 1994 1.65 MB
Louis Farrakhan; In His Own Words - 1993 1.20 MB
Louis Farrakhan: The Campaign to Manipulate Public Opinion -- A Study in the Packaging of Bigotry (1990) 6.33 MB
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