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Jew-Hatred as History RULE The "International Jew" Myth

Posted: December 31, 2001

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White Supremacists, Black Separatists, and the "'Internationalists"
The authors further malign Jews and Judaism, in one of the book's densest passages of unvarnished bigotry, when they write, "...the Dutch West India Company colonized and settled the Western Hemisphere solely to establish a steady flow of natural wealth back to its European investors, not to any national authority. This is a critical distinction and the source of much of the animosity against the Jews. The Gentiles were, for the most part, nationalists, owing their allegiance to the nation in whose territory they resided.... The Jews, on the other hand, considered themselves as Jews first, particularly in international commerce. They remained internationalists without the patriotic fervor of their Gentile countrymen. When their host country was at war with a trading partner of the Jews...the Jews would continue trade by various methods..,. They did not see this smuggling as illegal or even harmful - just business." (p. 25) The authors share with the great majority of white supremacist anti-Semites a belief that Jews were somehow fundamentally disloyal citizens - though they gloss over the fact that the Dutch West India Company was established by non-Jews. This stereotype is actually a restatement, in a political context, of the older canard that Jews were inherently untrustworthyor unethical.

The authors further malign Jews and Judaism ...when they write,"...The Jews, on the other hand, considered themselves as Jews first, particularly in international commerce. They remained internationalists without the patriotic fervor of their Gentile countrymen."

The "International Jew" myth revisited
Jewish "internationalism"
is a theme taken up in a 1936 flyer for the White Camellia Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in terms similar to The Secret Relationship's linkage of "Mosaic Law" with "business law." The Klansmen write, "Let it be understood that International Zionism, the so-called religion of the Jew, is not a religion in the Christian understanding. It is a political faith, whose sole purpose is the destruction of Christianity and the complete domination of the world by Jews as they now dominate and own Russia, France, Spain and Mexico."

In contemporary times, the "internationalist" smear has typically been used to attack Jewish support for the State of Israel. In the mindset of the anti-Semite, the relationship between Jews working "against" national loyalty for personal interest and for Israeli interest is ultimately interchangeable; by the grammar of anti-Semitism, Israel is a political embodiment of Jewish self-interest, the individual Jew is merely a personification of the general "Zionist menace."

Restating yet another stereotype
Just as the charges of disloyalty and "internationalism" are longtime anti-Semitic stereotypes, so too is the authors' assertion in The Secret Relationship that smuggling was for Jews merely a business practice unhindered by ethical considerations. With similar implications, a young German neo-Nazi, Ewald Althans, recently expressed the same sentiment to the British paper Evening Standard (July 10, 1992). When asked if he had trouble depositing the profits from his illegal anti-Semitic activities in German banks, Althans said: "No, but if I did I would put my money in a Jewish [bank]. They would always accept it. Business is business."

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