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Nation of Islam  
The NOI's Escalating Anti-Jewish Campaign RULE Additional Anti-Semitic Propaganda

Posted: February 23, 2011

Louis Farrakhan
Articles in The Final Call
Additional Anti-Semitic Propaganda
Support for Qaddafi

The NOI publishes a range of anti-Semitic material, which it promotes heavily during its events and through the print and online versions of its newspaper, The Final Call. In 2010 alone the organization released two anti-Semitic books, both of which allege that Jewish exploitation of Blacks during the slave trade has caused deep and prolonged repercussions for African-Americans.


The first, a follow-up to the NOI's anti-Semitic 1991 book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, blames Jews for promoting a myth of black racial inferiority and makes a range of conspiratorial accusations about the Talmud as a "business manual" that informed Jewish involvement in the slave trade and in the cotton, textiles, and banking industries.  The NOI established a Web site and a Twitter feed devoted to the book's subject matter, both of which are updated frequently.


Louis Farrakhan and multiple other NOI leaders indicated during the organization's 2011 Saviours' Day convention that they hope to see The Secret Relationships Between Blacks & Jews books taught in schools across the U.S. One speaker announced an online petition that calls on Congress and the Obama Administration to formally recognize Black suffering through federal funding and mandatory changes to K-12 curricula nationwide. In an apparent attempt to justify the need for such a measure, the petition asserts that African-American history is being removed from school textbooks, adding that "this kind of destructive targeting of Jewish history would never be tolerated."


The second book introduced by the NOI in 2010, titled Jews Selling Blacks: Slave Advertising by American Jews, is a compilation of newspaper advertisements from the 18th and 19th centuries purporting to reveal disproportionate Jewish participation in the slave trade. The introduction maintains that Jewish merchants from all over the world often dominated some of the most important slave-trading markets. "Jews were twice as likely as the general population of American whites to 'own' Africans," the book claims, adding that the advertisements within "represent proof of substantial Jewish involvement in the greatest criminal endeavor in the history of the world – the Black Holocaust."


In addition to publishing and promoting new anti-Semitic literature, the NOI continues to sell established anti-Semitic resources like the original Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, which argues that the history of slavery in the New World was initiated by Jewish ship owners and merchants who as a group remained the main beneficiaries of the slave economy and who "carved for themselves a monumental culpability in slavery." 


Ashahed Muhammad's 2005 book
The Synagogue of Satan, which charges that the world is being manipulated and corrupted by Satanic powers led by Jewish elites, is available for purchase in print and as a DVD at most major NOI events and through The Final Call. Trading heavily in Jewish conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial, the Synagogue of Satan alleges the Satanic powers are influenced and guided by the theology of Judaism and by an inherent Jewish predilection for immorality.








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