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Nation of Islam  
The NOI's Escalating Anti-Jewish Campaign RULE Articles in The Final Call

Posted: February 23, 2011

Louis Farrakhan
Articles in The Final Call
Additional Anti-Semitic Propaganda
Support for Qaddafi

The virulent anti-Semitism espoused by Farrakhan during his lectures is bolstered year-round by his organization, which routinely publishes articles promoting the same vitriolic messages in its newspaper, The Final Call. Since June 2010, The Final Call has published more than 30 articles demonizing Jews and the Jewish religion, many of which are pushed out through various NOI web sites and social media initiatives.


For example, in a February 2011 article titled, "Solving the Mystery of Jewish Financial Success," author Ridgely A. Mu'min Muhammad accused Jews of developing the Jim Crow laws to ensure they could monopolize the cotton trade; designing credit, loan and foreclosure policies to keep non-Jewish whites in debt; and establishing the major banking institutions and the Federal Reserve in order to exercise total control over the nation's monetary operations. In another article published a week earlier, titled "What do we do about the unrelenting Jewish Hate?," author Tingba Muhammad blamed the failure of multiple initiatives aimed at improving the African-American community over the years on "the nefarious intervention of Jewish people."


A sampling of other such articles published in The Final Call in 2010 includes: "Is the Jewish Talmud Anti-Black and Anti-Christian?" published in December; "The Role of Prominent Rabbis and Slavery Explored," published in September; "Jews Scapegoating Blacks: A Long History of Hate," published in August; and "Farrakhan continues to uncover Jewish role in Black suffering" and "Exposed: The "Black Anti-Semite Myth," both published in July.

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