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Nation of Islam  
The NOI's Escalating Anti-Jewish Campaign RULE Louis Farrakhan

Posted: February 23, 2011

Louis Farrakhan
Articles in The Final Call
Additional Anti-Semitic Propaganda
Support for Qaddafi

Speeches delivered by Louis Farrakhan since 2009 around the country have been rife with anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories. He has downplayed historical Jewish suffering, accused Jews of world domination, and promoted anti-Semitic charges of Jewish deicide. He has also repeated many of his past accusations about Jewish exploitation of Blacks during the transatlantic slave trade and in the cotton trade, and Jewish control over government, media, finance and entertainment.


Farrakhan's keynote address at the NOI's 2011 Saviours' Day convention featured many of the same themes. He blamed Jews for killing Jesus and called for greater public awareness about Jewish involvement in Black suffering. "You know what happened to them," he said. "Why shouldn't you and they know what happened to us and what some of them did to put us in this condition?"


Asserting that Zionists "dominate" the U.S. government, Farrakhan charged that Zionists are simultaneously trying to push the U.S. into a war with Iran and urging the U.S. to "mount a military offensive" against Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi. He indicated that he would resist pressure to distance himself from Qaddafi, whom he has supported and received support from for many years, adding that the Libyan dictator "has always been my friend."

A central theme in Farrakhan's other recent speeches, including a three-part series in 2010, is the notion that Blacks, not Jews, are the "real" children of Israel. Farrakhan has repeatedly portrayed Jews as "usurpers" of Black history, arguing that a deep-seated hatred of Blacks led Jews to deceive Blacks out of their legitimate claim to Israel and stifle Black prosperity at every opportunity since. "The wickedly wise have known the truth," he said during the first installment of the series. "They are working night and day to trick you out of the promise of God." He further warned that the founding of Israel as a Jewish State will have serious repercussions: "You gonna pay for your error."

President Obama, according to Farrakhan, is the victim of a nefarious plot by influential Jews who have groomed him for success in an effort to prevent Blacks from achieving their destiny as world leaders. "Those Satanic Jews," he said in Chicago in October, "You didn't see when they got in the room and said 'we have to deceive them and through them deceive the entire world." A few months earlier, he charged that Obama was "nurtured by Jews who saw in him his brilliance… And they knew that as brilliant as he was, they could use him to trick Black people away from the promise of God."

Farrakhan maintains that Jews have developed an evolving strategy for maintaining control over Black entertainers and athletes whereby Jewish businesspeople facilitate Blacks' success but continue to hold the reins and collect the profits. "You can't do nothing in Hollywood unless you go by them," he said during the October speech. "You a hip-hop artist? You can't do nothing, you gotta go by them. You want to be a great sports figure? They own that plantation. Children of Israel, they got you jumping through hoops." Similarly, he stated in June that "They have always tied themselves to Black people… They attach themselves to our talent. They are the managers, the agents and they are the accountants and that's why our black artists loved fame and got fame but died poor. Because somebody else got their money."

This alleged exploitation of Blacks was the crux of an anti-Semitic speech Farrakhan delivered in July 2009 in response to Michael Jackson's death, during which he charged that that Zionist Jews are out to sabotage influential African-Americans. "There are certain members of the Zionist faction of Jews," he asserted, "that have always wanted to control the means by which your crucifixion could take place."

Farrakhan's blatant anti-Semitism has been escalating since the NOI's annual Saviours' Day event in March 2009, when he implied that the validity of Holocaust records should be open to debate and asserted that both Congress and the U.S. media are controlled by the pro-Israel lobby, echoing long-standing notions of Jewish control. He also portrayed Israelis as "Liars, thieves, murderers" who are out to "kill everybody," and claimed that Muslims should not be expected to speak out against suicide bombers who target Israel so long as the American Jewish community and the U.S. government continue to support Israel.

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