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Nation of Islam Releases "Secret Relationship" Study Guide

Posted: March 18, 2011

The Nation of Islam (NOI) has published a new "Instruction Course" based on its anti-Semitic book The Secret Relationship between Blacks & Jews, Volume Two. The 27-page document, which purports to be an educational resource, is rife with allegations about disproportionate Jewish involvement in the transatlantic slave trade and Jewish exploitation of Blacks ever since. Some, but not all, of the charges levied against Jews are attributed to supposed "Jewish scholars," as they are in the Secret Relationship books.


In an effort to support its claim that Jews are to blame for many of the ills facing African-Americans, the so-called study guide combines one-sided, misleading and inaccurate information on a range of topics pertaining to African American history, including the cotton trade, Jim Crow laws and the Ku Klux Klan.


Much of the content attempts to demonstrate that Jewish teachings, along with Jews' deeply-rooted racism and greed, shaped the Black experience. For example, the guide asserts that the practice of lynching is rooted in the Talmud and that the Talmud was likely "the source of the Sharecropping system that re-enslaved Blacks after Emancipation."


The guide claims that Jews, eager to improve their economic status, tolerated mistreatment of Blacks. "Jews quickly rose to the heights of economic security by reaping the profits of slavery. They had no interest in assisting the Black man out of his degraded condition and sought no alliance, friendship or cooperation," it states.


Not only did Jews turn a blind eye to Black suffering, according to the guide, but they also encouraged it. The guide asserts that Jews "redesigned Judaism to accommodate the racism in the Dixie South" and "talked about the 'necessity' of 'exterminating' Black people," as well as that "prominent Jews were most often heard publicly supporting the lynching of Blacks." As further "evidence" of Jews' racist leanings, the book charges that Jewish historians "universally refer to the Jim Crow era as 'their Golden Age.'"


A sampling of the book's purported definitions and short summary topics, many of which contain blatant mistruths, includes: Racist Teaching of the Talmud; Jews Supported and helped set up Jim Crow; Jews as Moneylenders; Cotton: Jewish Gold; Jews Could Have Helped Us But Didn't; Jews ETHNIC CLEANSED the U.S. Labor Force of Blacks; Jews & Lynching; Freemasonry; Meyer Lehman; and The Rothschild Family. One exercise challenges students to identify actions they can take within the community to increase awareness about "this true history that has been completely left out of history books."


In an effort to advance its theories about Blacks and Jews, the NOI has embarked on a campaign to get its Secret Relationship books into school libraries and classrooms nationwide. Since the release of the second volume of the book in summer 2010, multiple NOI leaders have indicated support for the idea and promoted an online petition calling on Congress and the Obama Administration to formally recognize Black suffering through federal funding and mandatory curricula changes. The study guide's copyright credit to the Muhammad University of Islam school system suggests that the NOI also intends to teach the Secret Relationship subject matter in its own private schools.


The study guide was distributed at the NOI's Saviours' Day convention in February 2011.

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