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Al Qaeda's Jihad Against Israel and Jews RULE Al Qaeda in the Palestinian Territories

Posted: February 5, 2009

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Al Qaeda in the Palestinian Territories

In February 2008, after the border was torn down between Gaza and Egypt, thousands of men, including some affiliated with Al Qaeda, entered Gaza, according to several Israeli and Palestinian officials.  While it is difficult to gauge to what extent Al Qaeda has a presence in the Palestinian territories, there are several indications that its influence is growing.


Signs of Al Qaeda influence in the Palestinian territories emerged in October 2005, when leaflets distributed in Khan Yunis announced that the "Palestine branch" of Al Qaeda had begun working towards uniting Muslims under one Islamic state.  Since then, a number of attacks claimed by Al Qaeda-influenced or affiliated militants in the Gaza suggest that Al Qaeda may be gaining a foothold in the Palestinian territories.


Al Qaeda presence in the Palestinian territories may further destabilize relations between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. For example:


  • January 2007: A group of nearly 40 men claiming to be members of Al Qaeda in Palestine attacked the al-Wahah tourist resort near Gaza.  The men reportedly warned that this attack was aimed at Mohammed Dahlan, a confidant of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

  • In October 2006, "Al Qaeda / Palestine Sector" posted a video on an Al Qaeda affiliated Web site featuring a man threatening to kill members of the Palestinian army, the police and intelligence agents.  He explained that the enemies are "the puppets of the infidels who stand against Islam and act in the interest of Jews and Christians."

  • September 2006: A group reportedly calling itself Al Qaeda in Palestine claimed responsibility for killing Jad Tayeh, Director of Foreign Relations for the Palestinian Authority's General Security Services, and four of his assistants in Gaza.  In the announcement, the group accused Tayeh of "collaborating" with the "Zionists" and warned of future attacks in the region using "trucks full of explosives."

  • May 2006: A group calling itself Al Qaeda in Palestine claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in an attempt on the life of Tarek Abu Rajab, commander of the Palestinian Authority's General Intelligence Service, in his headquarters in Gaza City. One of his bodyguards was killed and ten others, including Rajab, were injured.  The group also threatened to assassinate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and other Fatah officials.

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