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Hamas Magazine for Kids Promotes Martyrdom and Hatred

Posted: March 14, 2006

The first issues of Hamas' on-line magazine for kids since the Palestinian terrorist organization won control of the Palestinian parliament encourages kids to become suicide bombers and advocates hatred of Jews.


Al-Fateh (Arabic for "the conqueror"), which has published 71 issues since September 2002, includes animated characters and graphics designed to attract children.  The bi-weekly magazine includes stories and columns praising suicide bombers and attacks against the "Jewish enemy," as well as other anti-Semitic and anti-Israel themes. 


The most recent issue, published on March 1, 2006, highlights Hamas suicide bomber, Nassim Jabari, who participated in an August 2004 attack that killed 16 people in Israel.  A poem next to the illustrated figure (below) of a girl throwing stones from a slingshot in part reads: "The blood of the shahid has taught us/that martyrdom is like a new life…/and indeed martyrdom is an evident victory."


The issue also includes a section titled "Essential News From The Palestinian Lands," which provides a summary of Palestinian casualties during fifteen days in February 2006.


Al-Fateh regularly includes photos of children it claims have been detained, injured or killed by Israeli police, images of children firing slingshots or throwing rocks at Israelis and children holding automatic weapons and firebombs.


Mothers of suicide bombers are quoted in the magazine as well.  One mother is quoted as saying: "After I heard that my son became a shahid [martyr], I was beside myself with joy.  I went to the store and bought candy and cakes, and gave them out to the entire village.  It was a great celebration and a great honor for me and for the Palestinian people." 


The magazine encourages readers to write in, and receives e-mail from children all over the Arab world.


Despite efforts to portray a more moderate public face since winning a majority in the Palestinian Legislative elections on January 25, 2006, Hamas publications and Web sites such as Al-Fateh remain unchanged.  


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